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Supervised Weight Control

Updated on July 9, 2013

Permanent Weight Loss Can be a Reality

Doctors who offer supervised weight control don’t believe that permanent weight loss is something that can be achieved overnight. It takes effort and dedication to not only lose the excess weight, but keep it off forever. It is saddening to see the prevalence of obesity in the United States and worried that change does not appear to be forthcoming.

There are an extraordinary amount of pills, supplements, and fad diets on the market trying to take advantage of the fact that people with busy lives seemingly have no time to exercise, cook healthy meals, or alter their lifestyle in any meaningful way. This explains why over $21 billion was spent last year on diet drinks. It is also important to note that 45 million Americans are members of health clubs, but few ever attend regularly. It almost seems that the more money we spend trying to lose weight, the worse the obesity epidemic gets!


Losing Weight the Responsible Way

We're All Different, Which is Why Standard Diets Fail So Often

The staff at weight loss clinics are professionally trained and fully qualified in various medical fields; these clinics will typically have physicians, dieticians, nutritionists, and other experts on board, such as physical therapists. Often weight loss programs are supervised by the resident physician, with constant check-ups and monitoring as part of the process. One of the reasons why patients achieve their weight loss goals when undergoing a doctor supervised program, is due to careful analyzing of each individual case to come up with a personalized plan to suit the goals and physical attributes of the patient.

For example, you may have an extremely slow metabolism, thyroid problem, or even a psychological issue that is contributing to your weight gain. Standard diets and pills simply cannot work for everyone, because there are different circumstances in each person's case. Each patient looking to lose weight at a fat control facility will begin with a consultation with a qualified doctor. From there, you will undergo a thorough physical examination to discover if there are underlying medical conditions that ensure you are predicated towards fast weight gain.


Weight Loss Results & Future Health

Balance Blood Sugar & Hormone Levels While Boosting Metabolism

Many standard weight loss programs offered at supervised clinics will alone help to balance blood sugar and hormone levels, while boosting your metabolic rate. Patients often receive a specially designed weight loss guidebook, featuring a huge number of delicious and healthy recipes to help lose weight, while still enjoying the joy of tasty food. While weight loss clinics do not believe in 'fad' diets or pills, they may prescribe tried and trusted methods of losing weight, such as the HCG Diet, and when appropriate, we may also give B12 shots, supplements, and appetite suppressant medication.

The main goal of a weight control facility is to educate those who utilize their services and provide them with the information needed to make sensible choices in relation to food, exercise, and overall lifestyle. Ultimately, clinics want their patients to not only lose weight and keep it off permanently, they also wish for them to stay strong, fit, and healthy far into the future. All personalized weight loss programs are eminently affordable, often being covered on standard insurance policies, and provide an amazing return on investment, as you will be energized and happy. Instead of allowing weight gain to trap you and lead you down the dark path of diabetes and heart conditions, contact a medically supervised weight control doctor today and begin the first step towards a slimmer and fitter you.


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