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Food value of colorful fruits and vegetables

Updated on March 26, 2014

Supper food to choose


Nature's gift to mankind

Eating healthy is all about abundance and not deprivation .There are more than thousand substances that may help a person to protect oneself from the heart aliments ,cancer, and also pre mature aging .Most of them cause the bright colors in fruits and vegetables.with this kind of food and you never have to ask yourself "am i going to live longer ?


Pumpkins are extremely rich in beta carotene which helps to reduce the risk of getting cancer ,heart disease and also slow down the process of aging .Pumpkins have low calories, fat and sodium content and are fiber rich which helps to keep your metabolism in good order .the seeds are very rich in protein magniusm and iron .in India they are most commonly used in sweets ,syrups and are also eaten roasted ,they are considered best for good health .though pumpkins taste sweet they can be eaten by diabetics too it has the carbohydrates content is really less in them .


Tomatoes are rich in hycophene ,which is good for heart and helps to reduce the risk of cancer of breast ,lungs,and prostrate.It also reduces the risk of heart disease .tomato paste and sauces have good benefits on health as hycophene content in tomatoes is activated when it is cooked .Tomatoes are the store house of vitamins A,C, E & POTASSIUM.It could easily be consumed by all to keep healthy .


It is most commonly used in kitchen by everyone ,it is rich in a compound called gingernol,which helps to reduce blood pressure and increase blood circulation .It helps the patients of migraine and arthritis by blocking inflammation causing protaglandins .the juice of ginger with honey is good for cough and throat infection as it reduces the inflammation .ginger is salted and eaten raw to check the gastritis .


Red capsicums are especially are to boost your immune system .They are excellent source of vitamin C thrice the more compared to oranges .They are rich source of beta carotene too .They could be used in salads and even in cooked food but care should be taken that they are not overcooked to retain its nutritive properties


It is a dark leafy vegetable which has bag full of nutrients to keep you healthy .It has lutein ,which helps to protect you from muscular degeneration and cataract forming in your eyes .It is a good source of beta carotene ,vitamin C,E and FOLATE .It is rich in CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM ,which is good for strong bones ,one cup of cooked spinach has about 1/3 of our daily requirement magnesium which helps to keep our muscles cells and nerves healthy.spinach is a promoter of blood too if a person is anemic one cup of boiled spinach will improve your blood count .


Pomegranates are high in antioxidants ,such as ellagic acid that reduce inflammation ,which may be a prime factor of causing heart disease and many types of cancer .Finding say that pomegranate juice checks the progression of coronary heart disease . It has a great effect on prostate cancer ,It checks the growth of cancer cells .the juice promotes the blood flow to the heart and your sex organs it help reduce impotency in men and improve the sexual life. may be that was the reason why Greek god of love planted the first pomegranate tree in Cyprus.


Grapes may be green or purple or black ,some may be seed less ans some has seeds grapes are rich source of vitamin" C, B,A, calcium, phosphorus, protein and carbohydrates . It provides plenty of calories any one suffering from fatigue consumes a glassful of grape juice would retain it vitality soon .If its dried and used it enhances the blood it improves the metabolism and is said to be good for constipation .skin and liver .people who have red wine like a medicine benefits from it . it also helps to control the uric acid in our body which is very painful for the suffers.

There are many more fruits and vegetable which help our body naturally there is no end to them will soon write some more of them


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    • lotuslove19 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sarika Mehra 

      7 years ago

      jennyjenny ,thanks for your appriciation .

    • jennyjenny profile image


      7 years ago from Somewhere in Michigan

      What a great hub! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


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