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Supplement Warning and Instructional Plates with a Safety Program

Updated on November 17, 2013
Warning and Instructional Plates
Warning and Instructional Plates

Installing warning and instructional plates in and around your facility is a good idea, if you want to keep people well informed about the hazards certain equipment and locales bring. The installation of such informational plates however is only one of the many things you need to do in order to ensure that everyone in your facility is safe. For your facility to be deemed safe and for your people to know how to ensure that everyone is safe, a safety program should be implemented.

A safety program will help people take to heart the many safety precautions they need to take when working in your establishment. Since a program involves training, information drives and the creation of groups who are tasked to undertake specific roles in emergencies, it increases the awareness of everyone in the building to the importance of safety. In this way, people become more aware of the hazards in their surroundings thereby making them more careful and making them more alert when accidents do occur.

Warning and Instructional Plate
Warning and Instructional Plate
Instructional Plates and Signs
Instructional Plates and Signs | Source

Basic Elements of a Safety Program

Aside from properly using warning and instructional plates where these are required, a safety program should also be composed of the following elements:

Regular information drives – Sure, you may have informed people of the safety rules and regulations of your company, but six months down the line, do these people remember what these are? How about the new people you just hired a couple of months ago? Do these individuals know what to do to keep themselves and their co-employees safe from harm in your facility?

Having regular information drives will not only inform new hires of the safety regulations and rules that your company has, but it will also refresh the memory of your longtime employees regarding such information. You can have these safety information drives held once every 6 months in order to help people remember that safety is indeed a priority. You should also make it a point to hold safety orientation for new people in your company so that they too will know what to do to help keep your facility safe.

Ensure that only authorized personnel do operate dangerous equipment and machinery. – While not all companies do have such equipment in their buildings, those that do should make sure that the only people who handle such things are those who are trained to do so. When someone tries to operate dangerous machinery that they are not really trained to handle, the chances of injuries and even death are rather high. This should be avoided at all costs and signs that implement such a rule should be posted in an area near this machinery to ensure that this rule is followed.

To make sure that people who are not authorized to operate very dangerous equipment are kept from doing so, you should also have the keys to such machinery held by someone higher up in your organization. The only people who have access to such keys will be those who are trained and authorized to operate these machines, and in order for them to access such keys, they have to present their identification cards stating their expertise and to sign out for these very same keys. These keys need to be returned after use as well, with certain penalties or repercussions in place should this rule be neglected.

Post informational posters and signs all over your facility. – While warning and instructional plates are placed near and on equipment that may pose a threat to a person’s life or health, these posters and signs should be posted everywhere. These should carry safety guidelines, emergency procedures and the like. These are used to help people know what to do in case of any life threatening events or to simply remind them to be careful.

There are a lot of things that need to be done in order for a safety program to be deemed effective. These are just a few of the things that you can do to help ensure that whatever safety rules and regulations you have are indeed followed and that safety is a priority within your facility. Not only will the increase in safety awareness help prevent the loss of life and limb in your establishment, but it will also help ensure you of the continuous operations of your business since people will be safer and more careful with what they do.


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