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Supplementation and Sustainability Building and Maintaining the Ultimate Nutritional Foundation

Updated on March 27, 2013
Somebody come and Play, Earn as you Learn and Grow as you Go!
Somebody come and Play, Earn as you Learn and Grow as you Go! | Source

Getting Healthy and Staying So!

Supplementation and Its Sustainability

I have found a Product that I think offers a cure to both of these and I am here to tell ya this is a golden opportunity for those of us who are or have been looking for one. Todays economy is hurting us all and It will continue too for the next year or two or maybe even longer; and none of us can afford to wait for it, to get better.

When our budgets are as tight as they have been and our finances are strained. We tend to put our health at risk rather than our homes. When a sustainable income or a nutritional diet becomes an either or; we become depressed and repressed. We should not have to choose between shelter and/or our three hots, and a cot, but many of us are finding ourselves in this very situation more an more each day.

Have You Every Heard of This Saying: by the Age of Sixty-Five most of us Americans are either Dead or Dead Broke!

Have you ever wondered why we are all so sick and tired today? Let me tell you why. It is because we are malnourished. One of the reasons you see so many pharmaceuticals giving sterner warnings is because these man-made and formulated medicines are killing people. Just watch a few of these commercials fully to their end and you will see or hear these warnings pop up.

Yeah like I want to take these products! And yet I know I need to be able to either buy the best foods I can, and/or supplement to stay healthy in todays world. Don't you listen to Doctor Oz?. Do some due diligence of your own and check it for yourselves. Our foods and the choices that we choose will either Cure us, Maintain us, or will make us consistently sicker by keeping us in ill-health. More so than the day before. Just take a good look around what do you see? What is happen with and to peoples health? Diabetes is an epidemic and cancer runs rampant all over the globe.

Why should we be looking for a second income stream or a means of staying healthier? Because for one we can't afford to eat correctly and two we can't afford to become ill. Things are about to hit the fan here in the next few years for us Baby Boomer's. Every four seconds one of us is turning 50 years old. This year I myself will turn fifty.

I have been saying it for a while now. We need to start growing our own foods again. We need less Preservatives, Pesticides, and less sugars and salts in our food. Everything we eat is either dead, nutritionally dead, or over processed and preserved until it is of very little value to these, our GOD given bodies.

How do we know that we are not getting enough nutrients? We become tired, restless, suffer from migraines, and become sickly, irritable, as well as under weight or over weight depending on what we chose to stuff into our faces. We over eat because we are under nourished, stressed, and depressed. Our bodies can tell that we aren't getting the proper nutrition, an they do their best to try and compensate to make up the difference.

I always reference the Good Book because I relate with it well. We were designed to be Vegetarians. Think about, the Garden of Eden for a minute. It was a Smörgåsbord of trees vines, and shrubs and bushes. That we could have eaten from; except for one. And our first Father Figure that we can remember blew it. And Father Adam and Mother Eve did too. They wanted and choose the convenient tree; the one of knowing now, instead of the one that would have given them the time to learn. They rushed it as we all do still today. We don't have a good track record as Humans going for us. And we are blowing it all over again today with and by the way we grow, process, prepare, and preserve our foods. Rushing around and seeking convenience over proper maintenance.

We are what we eat! I think most of us, thats most of us take this as a fact and we are Fat and under nourished because of the foods or food products that we choose to eat. So our bodies get sickly with cancers, diabetes, seizures, as well as a host of parasites. Hey Bugs love Sugars. Not so much salt, but they love sugars. Have you ever had a pick-nick without them finding you? I know I need to practice what I preach too! I am Junk Food Junkie. Well I am trying to kick this habit and yes I am still a junkie for certain foods, but my cravings are slowly subsiding. Because of this Great Product! And I am Loving It!

So what is this Company and What is Its Product? You may be wondering or maybe your not, but I'll tell you none the less. The Company is Vemma and the Product is called Vemma which is an ultra premium liquid dietary supplement. Which contains a preservative free, full spectrum set of vitamins, plant sourced minerals, wild-crafted whole fruit Mangosteen, and Pericarp, organic Aloe Vera and organic decaffeinated Green Tea. Which makes It in my opinion and others as the best Liquid Dietary Supplement Program out there today.

We all don't have the slightest idea what we are eating at any given point of the day; today. We take it on faith that everything is good and safe for us to eat or why would our Government allow it to be made? Don't get me wrong the Government is way too involved in our daily lives now as it is. And now I think It is also part of the problem.

But in my opinion they need not bother regulating any further. The Market Place, will do this if only they let It. I'll leave that up to you to figure out How, Why, and When for your selves. The point is we need to supplement to stay healthy, but where can we find the right stuff? I've been looking for over a decade and I have tried and tried. But about a month ago I think, I have found. Not only a supplement, and one that works for me, and very well. So well that I have noticed a good bit of change in just one month. And I am hooked on it, or rather the results that I get with using it.

But the kicker is I can get paid to drink it and to promote it to those I love and know need a change in their health as I did. I was very new to the company and their product not long ago, but by the third week I was sold on the product. It has been just over one month now and Last night I attended a meeting with my two cousins and they seem to be very interested in what this product has to offer on both accounts. More so with the Health aspects, than the Opportunity as I first was, but some what with the business offering as well.

Which Served Only to Strengthen my Position on my Choice to go for the Gold.

The company is in one of today's biggest opportunity Niches an earning slots in the Market Place today. A trillion dollars annual industry as it is made more noticeable every year now. This need for quality nutritional supplementation and Income earning Opportunities. Vemma, they are in both of these Health and Wealth Industries Niches.

Vemma offers you a chance to get involve at a great time as they are gathering momentum monthly and getting ready to break through to a Billion dollar a year company. As well the got a leg up on all the other competition out there today in my opinion. Of course I am now bias because I have joined and benefited from the use of the product. So far and I believe you will too, if only you take advantage of the Supplements, the Energy Drinks, Energy Shots, or the newly introduced diet program and product line. That we currently are offering the diet program is new this year 2012 an it is called Bod*E.

I would not feel right if I didn't offer you the Information and Knowledge I have gained thus far with this company, but that would take me days to put out. I have my Own website PW&OSfStSM and from there you can seek out this information as well as some other info on earning small streams of passive income as well as residual income,. But this is only for the seriously minded people who are seriously looking. I have hidden plenty of info through out this my site and on the web at the sites I visit, work, and play on daily.

We need Product Lines like those that Vemma is offering as well as a chance at such an income stream. That this company is offering to everyone. But remember MLM’s have a 95% Failure Rate. So take baby steps when deciding to go for the gold! Network-marketing is Work it is not all that hard of work, but it is for only a select group of people who care and dare to succeed. It is a people orientated Business. Failure for us is becoming less and less an option today.

Thank you for you read and comments are welcome.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

PS Don't forget to put your Links to your sites as I often do!


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 4 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      tobusiness Thank you for the read and comments. I love the Product lines of this company and I use these products. I just have trouble convincing others that the products are worth their weight in gold to them. I know they are to me, by the results I have gotten from them. But I was never much of a sales man. Thanks again. Sorry It has taken me so long to respond.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      A great article, lots of truths about our health or lack of it, this product look interesting. I like to know where my food is coming from and tends to use more locally grown produce. With MLMs you need to believe in what you're selling, if you like this product and you can make some money from it all well and good. Thank you for sharing.