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Supplements for building muscle

Updated on April 20, 2009


If you are considering buying supplements for working out you need to realize that this is a multi billion dollars and almost all supplement companies will claim that their products work and will get you in the kind of shape that you want. Well do not believe everything you see. The supplements I am going to list have worked for people I know and I have also tried some of these products personally. This is an honest review of supplements that I and other people I know have tried.

There are many more products I have experience with and I will be adding them shortly.

Animal stack

The first supplement is called the animal stack and I took it when I first started to train. The product worked at the time but that was because they had andro in it at that time and when I took it later down the road when that ingredient was not in it I did not have great results at all.


The second supplement is called derma-gain and this was something I took after years of exercising and this was my favorite product and I built muscle very rapidly and saw noticeable results in 4 weeks. The only place I have found this supplement now is on eBay and I use to buy it from a company called Impact nutrition and now I can not find them but the product is on eBay.

Creatine by Muscletech

Next is creatine from the company muscletech called celltech and in my opinion this is the best creatine out there and I noticed an increase in strength with in a few days and it took about two months to notice a good difference. I would recommend this if you want more strength.

Finigen X

Next is A product called finigen X and you can find this all over the Internet and it is green so you can not miss it and it taste horrible, actually it is the worst thing I have ever tasted but this product works extremely well and fast and it is not very expensive.

Sterol complex

Next is a product called sterol complex and this product works but is one of my least favorites. I thought it was over priced and it did not deliver the results I thought it would.

M1-bol by Fizogen

Next is a product called M1-bol and it was expensive and I got it from a store and I took it for about 8 weeks and I did see great results and I might consider this one of the best but as for price I have tried a little better quality supplements for alot less but I would still recommend this supplement.


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