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Supplements for Weight-Loss

Updated on June 16, 2010

With the growing concern over weight and the dangers that come with being overweight, everyone seems to be looking for any pill or supplement that they can find to give them the extra edge over their weight problems. People are always looking for the magic bullet, a pill that will do all of the work for them. This is simply not possible. You cannot loose weight without changing your diet and level of exercise. There are a few supplements that can help you, though the benefits may be just as much mental as physical.

Recently, pills such as Alli have entered the market and are getting a lot of attention. Alli stops your body from being able to absorb all of the fat that you intake. Unfortunately, the undigested fat is removed in the form of an oily discharge that the pills warn about and recommend adult diapers for the first few weeks. Nice. Most of the other weight-loss pills focus on upping your heart rate to cause you to burn more calories while doing anything or nothing. This is not sane for anyone who may have heart trouble due to excessive weight or blood-pressure issues.

More natural supplements exist that have long been a staple for people who suffer from diabetes that can also aid weight loss. Supplements such as Chromium and L Carnitine have been suggested by many dieticians for help with diabetes and can provide a real benefit to those who want to lose weight. I personally had decent success with both Chromium and L Carnitine. I added them as supplements for a number of months and I found that I did seem to loss a little extra weight, but I fear that it was more mental than anything else.

I have heard a lot about adding more whole grains to your diet. There is also a lot of buzz around quinoa as a supper-food for weight loss. Adding more whole grains will definitely help your body work better, especially your digestive system. Without a healthy digestive system, you will not only have trouble losing weight, but will also have tons of other health issues.

The absolute best supplement that you can add to your diet and exercise program is vegetables. Seriously, adding a few extra vegetables to your daily routine will do more for you than any diet pill or supplement. It doesn’t really matter what veggies you pick. This will replace some bad calories with great ones, will make you feel full longer, and you will be providing your body with the natural building blocks that it needs to function at its’ best.

I lost 80 pounds over a year and a half. I did it the healthy way through only three steps. I reduced the amount of caffeinated beverages that I drank until they simply became a special treat and not a part of my daily life. Second, I got a part-time job as a security guard for two 4 hour shifts a week. I spend the time walking and make a couple of extra bucks. Finally, I got rid of the chips and made sure that my fridge was always full of vegetables to snack on. I still eat fast food. I do not work out, but I know that if I added just a little more activity to my week, I would achieve all of my fitness goals.


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