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Support and Weight Loss

Updated on January 19, 2012

Do You Have Support?

Half your battle to weight loss is your support system. Do you have support or do you have people surrounding you who are actually sabotaging every effort you make to lose weight. It"s hard enough losing the weight when you surround yourself with negativity.

Where to find Support

Sometimes the one's we love are not the one's to give us the best support. I have found this out with several friends of mine who have tried and failed for many years. It's not because they don't want to lose the weight, it's because of thier family that holds them back. Why? That's a great question, when these should be the people who most support thier efforts.

Can you relate? Is your family behind you or do you get the negativity and sabotaging from them? Finding a support group isn't as hard as you might think. Some of the obvious places would be at your local gym and of course your friends. There's also help online, there's many support groups that you can find online.

Myself, I've never had problems with my weight, but several of my friends do and I'm behind them 100% to help them lose the weight that they want. I'll meet them at the gym (who wants to work out alone?), I have them come to my house and we'll work out or I'll give them a call everyday to make sure they workout (I'm kind of thier Jillian Micheals). We go for walks, ride our bikes, just making sure they move and that they eat right.

So, if you have a family that isn't behind you, maybe thier the reason you've gained weight, then look elsewhere because losing wight CAN be fun with having the right people in your life, waiting for you to succeed.

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