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How To Suppress Appetite Naturally - Easy Ways to Naturally Suppress Your Appetite

Updated on June 28, 2011

It’s no secret that dieting can be hard. As you do your best to eat less (and go hungry more) you suddenly find that your body changes the game by trying to store up fat because it is not sure where its next meal is coming from. This simply results in slowing your body from losing weight.

Another reason why it is not a good idea to starve yourself is because you will find that the more hungry you are, the more you will eat when you finally do sit down for a meal.

Luckily there are a few ways you can suppress your appetite naturally. This means that you are not denying yourself food, but are eating foods that can make you feel fuller faster and can prevent you from taking in those extra calories you don't need.

The following are some great ways to suppress your appetite naturally.

Drink Green Tea Throughout The Day

There are quite a few health benefits to drinking green tea and its contribution to natural weight loss is one of them. Green tea contains polyphenols; a beneficial substance that promotes the burning of fat. It is also a natural metabolic stimulator as well as a natural diuretic.

Drinking at least 3 to 6 cups of green tea will also help you to feel fuller and less hungry during the day, which makes it the perfect natural appetite suppressant.

Eat More Apples

Apples are another one of natures great health providers.  Apples (the larger ones) contain approximately 5 grams of fiber which helps make your stomach feel fuller for a longer period than other foods that simply contain empty calories. Not to mention apples are convenient to carry around, can be eaten almost anywhere and are inexpensive.

Drink More Water

Drinking plenty of water everyday is probably the easiest, cheapest, and simplest thing you can do to help suppress your appetite. This is especially true if you drink a full glass a few minutes before you sit down to a meal.

The water will already make you feel halfway full, which will cause you to eat less of the meal itself. Not to mention that at times thirst can disguise itself as hunger and have you reaching for food when all your body really needs is extra hydration.

Make Some Hot Chicken or Vegetable Soup

It seems that consuming any hot liquids in general will help take the edge off of hunger. Not to mention the chicken and/or vegetables in the soups are a great low-calorie way to fill up your stomach quickly.

The fact that it also takes longer to eat a hot bowl of soup than other foods has the added benefit of helping you to eat slower giving your stomach a chance to feel fuller faster. (Just be careful to avoid the cream soups however due to their high calorie content.)

Try Eating Oatmeal

Another great stomach filler is oatmeal. Because it is so high in fiber, it has the added benefit of reducing cholesterol levels as well.  To give oatmeal more flavor, simply add unsweetened apple sauce, cinnamon  or ground flaxseed and consider eating it for more than just breakfast.

Because Oatmeal will keep you feeling fuller than most meals, it will also make the perfect lunch or snack.

Eat More Salad

The perfect way to avoid eating a huge calorie-laden meal is to start by having a salad first.

This is where yet again the fiber will play a part in making you feel fuller faster. Not to mention that most ingredients in a salad are healthy for you as well. You will find that starting a meal with salad will have you pushing away the heavier main course before you are even half way through it - saving you tons of calories (and some money as well if you eat the meal a second night).

There is no reason you have to get bored with salad either. Punch it up every once in awhile by making a salad of spinach, endives or cabbage. Mix up the dressings as well (just do your best to stay away from creamy dressings, or at least use the minimal amount  possible)

Add Flaxseed To Your Meals

Surprisingly you can pack quite a healthy punch with these little seeds. An ounce of flaxseeds contains 8 grams of fiber.  Flaxseeds also have cancer preventive properties as well as lowers cholesterol.

Simply  sprinkle some in your oatmeal, yogurt, salad, cottage cheese, smoothies or vegetables and reap their health benefits with almost no effort.

Take Hoodia Supplements

Hoodia (also known as African Hoodia) is another great natural appetite suppressant.

Hoodia can be taken in supplement form and it works well to curb hunger. It is growing in popularity and can now be found in most health food stores. It is said that it might take a few days for your to feel its effects, but many taking it said that it felt as if their appetite was decreasing naturally.

Other Great Home Remedies

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