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Supreme 90 Day System: A review

Updated on May 13, 2011

I have been using Supreme 90 Day for 6 weeks now, and am pretty happy with the program. A few buts: I don’t do it as it’s designed—I only work-out 4-5 days per week, and I don’t follow the nutrition system. Despite this, I have noticed amazing changes in my body, and can only imagine what would happen if one followed the program as it is designed.

I’ve had friends do the P90X system. It sounds great! But it’s $140 and requires an hour a day. Supreme 90 Day is $20 and the work-outs vary from 30-45 minutes. This was much more practical for my budget and schedule, and the work-outs are challenging and effective.

Just to gauge my experience to yours, at the start of this program I was in moderate or slightly less than moderate shape--I'm thin and have worked out seriously in the past, but not for the past few months. Simply put, I'm by no means a work-out guru, but not completely new to exercise either!


Supreme 90 Day comes with a calendar of your workouts—6 days of exercise with 1 of rest. You alternate between cardio/tabata DVDs with various strength training (chest/back, legs, shoulders/arms, etc) DVDs. In the third week you add Total Body and Core Dynamics. Everything is on a rotational schedule so you’re getting muscle confusion, which, the theory goes, keeps your body guessing so that the work-outs remain effective.

How the DVDs work

The DVDs open with a warm-up and end with a cool-down. It’s the same warm-up and cool-down for nearly all the DVDs. Thus, they don’t concentrate on say, warming up and cooling down the arms on the arm strength training DVD, they just do the total body warm-up and cool down. To some this is a drawback, but it doesn't bother me personally.

The warm-up and cool-down are about 8 minutes combined, and the work-outs vary from 20 to 35 minutes. The host, Tom Holland, is encouraging and gives reminders that muscle failure is a good thing in work-outs and to go at one’s own pace as long as your challenging yourself. For someone who’s putting me through so much torture (and who I frequently talk back to, i.e., “You want me to do WHAT?”), I really like him. The male and female work-out models they use are pretty hot, so that’s nice as well!

There's a lot of sets--a rotation of 2 or 3 exercises that you do 8 to 12 reps each, then do the whole set 2 to 3 times. The cardio does 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest; the tabata does 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds rest. In general, even once I became familiar with the work-outs, they were still interesting to me as my body got stronger and I added reps or speed.

What you'll need

The workouts require dumb bells and an exercise ball. I do not have an exercise ball, so I skip that DVD and do a cardio or tabata one instead. They use the ball in the other DVDs as well, but always give modifications for those who don’t have one. I have 5 and 10 lb weights; having multiple weights is definitely recommended as you'll change them depending on the exercise.

There is a large variety of exercises, but also a good consistency throughout the DVDS, so I found that over time I really mastered certain movements from doing them so often (jump squats, mountain climbers (shudder), the burpee (double-shudder)). Most workouts start with some core exercises, and I saw my stomach change in the first week.


I’m terrible at following eating plans and opted to skip it, but the nutrition plan is a booklet with a shopping list in the front and then a daily meal and snack plan. It gives different portions for men and women, which is thoughtful. If you’re new to nutrition or eat most meals at fast-food restaurants, it’s probably a great resource to learn how to change how you eat. I’m pretty knowledgeable about nutrition and eat healthy, so I just chose to cut out sugar and loosely calorie count.

The verdict

Overall, I would recommend the Supreme 90 Day System. It’s cheap and doesn’t require a huge time commitment. I don’t weigh or measure myself, but noticed definite changes in the mirror in my body after 2 weeks. I started getting those nice vertical lines in the stomach, my arms are much more toned, and my butt is riding nice and high! Plus I feel stronger and am better able to perform the exercises and do more reps. That sort of empowerment is the coolest thing about sticking with the program. And for $20 and less than an hour day, the results I've seen in myself are pretty awesome!


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