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Surprise Yourself with Four Ways to Beat Headaches in 2015

Updated on January 13, 2015

Part 1 seek out a good chiropractor

For most of you headache sufferers out there the last place you would look for headache relief is at a chiropractors office. This is bad information. The chiropractor is uniquely trained in identifying and removing subluxations in the cervical spine which are responsible for many types of headaches.

Since chiropractors do not prescribe drugs you will never learn this important information from a commercial. The drug companies offer you at best a temporary solution that requires you to continue taking their products. You are essentially an annuity for Big Pharma. They have the funds to advertise to you. They are not in the business of helping they are selling you their products.

Read this Hub with an open mind and you will be surprised to learn that most headaches are treatable. Understanding where headaches come from will help you to believe what I an telling you.

Leave Your Headaches Behind in 2015

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What Actually Causes a Headache?

Depends on who you ask. If you ask a chiropractor she may tell you that after reviewing an X ray or MRI of your neck she can identify a subluxation. If you ask a neurologist they may say a food allergy or you were born to have them. If it is really serious they may tell you have a tumor or high blood pressure. So you really need to check these out.

If you do have subluxations in your cervical spine then there is hope. A vertebral subluxation is a spinal bone that has gone out of place. When it goes out of place it irritates the nerve closest to the subluxated bone. The nerve is really sensitive so when you have the weight of the bone pinching it you will feel pain. Lot's of pain. That pain can be mitigated with medication but there is an associated cost to your liver and stomach with taking too much of over the counter pain relief medications.

Let's go on the assumption that you have a subluxated neck. The chiropractor can safely treat the subluxations and you will see results within 4 weeks if it is working properly for you. This is a cornerstone to getting rid of your headaches.

You Need Never Feel Like This Agsin

These Additional Therapies Help Make It Last

Cold Laser Therapy is making the news lately as a pain relieving adjunct. Used in conjunction with chiropractic care you will have enhanced results. The nerve that is causing you to have headaches is trying to communicate with your brain. The blockage created by the vertebral subluxation interrupts the normal nerve supply and this is where pain comes in. You can dull it with medication but you never fully address the problem which is the subluxation.

Cold Laser will fire the nerve back up. It stimulates the cells that produce ATP, the energy source the nerve will need to regenerate after the subluxation is removed. The real neat part is that this is all natural and has no side effects. The medication is toxic and candamage your stomach, liver and kidneys.

Massage to relieve the built up muscle tension.The subluxation creates a physical stress making your muscles scream in agony. The neck muscles have a certain point where they will no longer do added work. This stress point is really based on how long you have had the subluxated vertebra. The muscle can only do so much support work when it fatigues the muscle will go into spasm. Chronic spasm of the neck muscles will lead you to believe that the spasm is causing the headache when in fact it is part of the whole process. In other words the muscle spasm contributes symptoms but is not the true cause of the headache.

They Can Only Offer Short Term Help

The Icing on the Cake

There are relatively few neck exercises prescribed these days. Years ago gym equipment had neck machines but most were phased out as they became liabilities to the gym's. Cervical traction is a healthy way to restore motion in a controlled environment. The machine gently pulls the neck in a superior to inferior direction. This mechanism allows for hydration of the disc and restores normal motion. In may cases the normal cervical curve is restored with several treatments of cervical traction. I think it is highly effective. You will no longer have headaches if you follow all four of these steps outlined in this Hub.

This Really Works Well

Lets Review 4 Parts To Eliminate Headaches

1- Solid chiropractic care to remove the subluxation

2- Cold Laser Therapy to calm the nerve

3- Massage to soothe the overworked muscles

4- Cervical Decompression to restore the curve and to re hydrate the disc


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