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Surprising benefits of Plank

Updated on August 18, 2016

Getting rid of extra fat to achieve an attractive body physique has been an ever green desire of masses. In order to lose weight or get into your desired shape, you do not necessarily need to join a gym or health club. Fitness has always been mistakenly connected with gyms and health clubs. Before the advent of gyms and health clubs, people used to perform manual exercises for achieving fitness and weight loss goals.

Plank is an easy-to-do exercise that can be performed almost anywhere. You don't need to have hi-fi machineries or gym equipment's to perform plank. All you need to do is to put your forearms and toes on the floor making yourself ready for the push-up position. Make sure your body forms a straight line from shoulders to toes without any bending. Plank regulates various muscles of your body including glutes, abdominal muscles and oblique muscles. Here's why plank is beneficial for you:

Boosts Stamina:

Plank is one of the most effective exercises to achieve strong abdominal muscles. Performing plank for a few minutes does not only multiply your stamina to lift heavy weights but also strengthens your back. Plank is one of those few exercises that are helpful in achieving six packs and hard abdominal muscles within short time. Plank regulates some major parts of your body like toes, legs, spine, shoulders, abdominal muscles and forearms. Regulating all these body parts at a time ultimately leads to an increased stamina and muscle resistance.

Strong Backbone:

Plank is quite helpful in order to maintain a perfect posture and straight back. Plank is the best way of achieving strong back without exerting extra pressure on your spine. When your backbone does not have extra pressure on it, it is more likely to gain strength. Regular planks can result in strong upper and lower back. Planks can also be highly effective in reducing certain types of back pain.

Helps maintaining a perfect posture:

Doing plank on regular basis prevents your shoulders from getting D-shaped. The plank position supports your upper back and shoulders preventing them from getting into an unwanted curve. Plank position leads to pressure on your shoulders which ultimately strengthens your neck and shoulders.

Relieves Stress:

Any physical exercise for relieving stress may sound a little unrealistic but plank is actually a great stress reliever. Plank increase the blood flow towards your brain relieving tension in your head nerves. Due to relaxed head nerves, you might experience an improvement in your overall mood. Moreover, increased blood flow towards your brain may also induce strong memory and strong focus.

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