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Surrendering to Serenity

Updated on October 13, 2011

More often than not, most of us find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of activity. From waking at 5 a.m. to get kids ready for school and ourselves ready for work, to skipping lunch because we have important deadlines we haven’t met on projects we are behind on. Then, after trying to tie up loose ends before we leave for the day, we don’t get to go home and just veg out in front of the tube, we have to get our kids to dance class, softball practice, the dentist for badly needed braces, and THEN we get to go to the store, run up and down the aisles looking for tonight’s 15-minute meal only to have it prepared and on the table before the man of the house comes homes from his hectic day! That’s a run-on sentence for an almost-totally-expected run-on life for most of us, isn’t it?

It’s been awhile since I had kids in the house so the order of all that activity might be out of place, but you get the idea! Today has been a day for me that I have worked very mentally hard to get things done that are priorities, like sending out résumé’s and taking typing tests to print a certificate that says I DO type 62 words per minute. Some jobs require proof before they hire you. I applied for one of those. Let’s hope I get it!

Because I have worked mentally hard today and I sat in our computer room and watched the love of my life working physically hard all day, outside cutting branches and burning leaves, I decided that this evening was a time to get calm, relax and surrender to serenity.

Most of us don’t find time in our mornings or evenings to even consider serenity, much less discover what it feels like. Time management and priorities are NOT just for achieving at work, they have to be achieved from within ourselves in order for us to spread it throughout our day and not destroy our health and peace of mind in the process.

We have to make ourselves a priority. We have to allow time management for our own personal well-being, our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual self. I am not one for pomp and circumstance and doing things precisely in the correct, proper and appropriate way they are meant to be done. I don’t fold my hands when I pray, for instance. My prayers are a straight-from-the-hip (or rather, heart) talk to the Almighty. From my thoughts as I go about my day to sometimes speaking right out loud to Him when nobody else can hear me. Ok, I don't want anyone else to see this little lady talking to "herself", ya know? I don’t do yoga correctly either, mostly because I am not good at it because I haven’t practiced it (and believe it or not, the only time I DO practice it is when I am working out on my Wii Fit system twice a day!) I just do what the Wii tells me to do and I feel that because that machine tells me I have excellent posture now, I am doing okay in the yoga arena! I have also lost 26 pounds working out on that machine the last four months, so I figure I must be doing something right! Heck, I don’t even eat “right” because I don’t eat six small meals a day that “they” are constantly touting everyone SHOULD do! But I DO eat chicken and veggies and apples ‘til they are coming out my ears and the weight loss does mean I am achieving good health.

What I am getting at here is that we don’t have to be perfect in how we do things, we don’t have to be perfect in anything, but the most important aspect we need to keep focusing on is that we are worthy of taking care of ourselves as much as we seem to take care of others. We can’t truly give others what we don’t have to give. We don’t have to be martyrs or victims, either. Yes, we all have the right to choose what we do and how we do it and even why we do it but we also have to realize we live with the consequences of those choices, whether we were aware of them or not when we made those choices.

I have spent way too many years of my life being a worrier, a perfectionist, a victim, a rescuer, and a very physically and emotionally unhappy girl. I have chosen now to become healthier in mind, body and spirit so that maybe it won’t be too late to be a positive example for other people. Maybe now I can improve what little health I have had so that I can watch my grandchildren grow up to be a little older than they would have been if I kept doing what I had been doing to myself.

I choose to pray everyday, in whatever form I see fit. I choose to workout everyday, even if I don’t feel like it, because especially on those days, I feel much better after I HAVE worked out. I choose to read something positive every single day, even if it’s just quotes on I choose to eat healthy every single day so that hopefully soon, I will be totally done with this insidious disease called “diabetes.” I choose to immediately eradicate any negative thoughts, words or actions I think, say or do with a positive perspective on that same thought. I choose to see or do something good or positive in every single day that I live, even if that means going outside to walk through the woods that are literally part of my “yard” or holding my cat just so I can nuzzle my face in her fur and hear her purr like she did when she was a tiny kitten. Anything I can see in the beauty that surrounds me will always be a reminder of what serenity feels like to me.

All my life, I wanted to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I have learned in my many years that it’s never, ever too late to become Who I Truly Am. That’s the innate greatness I keep speaking about in many of my articles!

Surrendering to serenity is one of the best ways I know to get to that point.


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    • Lene Lynn profile image

      Lene' Lynn St. John 7 years ago from Glendale, AZ

      Nordy, once again you have made me smile! I am so honored that someone as professional as you has such kind things to say about my writings! I am so glad we have the experience now of reading each others' work! Thank you, thank you!

    • Nordy profile image

      Nordy 7 years ago from Canada

      I love this! Your hubs are so spot on and down to earth. Voted up and awesome!

    • profile image

      Lene Lynn 7 years ago

      Girl, girl, girl! You made me laugh reading your comment, you are so amazing in your positivity about my writing. You are such a funny and amazing lady and I am hoping someday, we will get to know each other even more! You keep readin' me and I'll keep readin' you and someday, we will be sending each other Christmas cards, for real! :) You sure sound like you are feeling better and I am really hoping that you are! Take good care, sweet lady and thanks SO much for reading my work so often! You are a blessing, you really are! :)

    • imatellmuva profile image

      imatellmuva 7 years ago from Somewhere in Baltimore

      Lene...Lene...Lene, I smiled, and then cried while reading this. Not boo-hoo, big sobb'n and slobber'n kinda cry'n...just the this woman is freak'n awesome AND she's not only talk'n to me, she's talk'n about me kinda' cry'n!!

      You can talk the talk, cause' you've walked the walk!! Go On Lene...chile' are sumth'n!!!!