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Survival Guide to be Young and Pregnant

Updated on July 27, 2011

How to Tell You Mom Your Pregnant

To start with, she probably already knows. Moms have this crazy thing about knowing stuff like that before you even do. Mine, for example, called me after my OB/GYN check up and asked me if I had any news for her. I said, "Yeah, I'm pregnant." Her response, "I figured, I already told your father this morning."

Second, give her an hour or two to sink in. That's about how long it takes for it to sink in and that's when you will get the "What the heck is wrong with you. I thought I raised you better than that!" phone call. Don't worry though, in about two weeks she will be texting you baby names and buying you onesies.

How to tell the father

Don't call your boyfriend or husband from the doctor's office balling your eyes out barely able to form the words, "I'm pregnant." He maybe with his friends or family members and unable to talk to you about it. This will leave you in panic mode wondering what he is thinking and all that fun stuff.

Be patient, hold yourself together and then when you are alone in a room with just your boyfriend (or husband) burst into tears and tell him. If he isn't a jerk he will hold you and let you cry and wait until you aren't there to freak-out.

Surviving the first few months

First, do not under any circumstance listen to those people that have not been pregnant in over ten years who say, "I loved being pregnant! It was such a magical wonderful time. I would stay pregnant all the time if I could." Reality check; pregnancy sucks! Its a mix of throwing up, bloating, constantly feeling sick and tired, your boobs hurt, some women get nightmares, have a decline in appetite, get headaches, have to urinate all the time, and so much more fun. Your breasts will start looking different too, areolas (that's the darker part of your nipple) get dark and huge as your chest stretch to a massive size.

Now to the helpful stuff. Ginger works wonders on nausea. You can buy crystalized ginger in the spice section of most grocery stores, or ginger tea works great too. Eat saltine crackers for the horrible morning sickness that many women experience. Avoid any foods that would normally give you gas, because many woman suffer for horrible gas during early pregnancy. Eat small amounts every few hours and it will stay down better. Also, no spicy foods! Get lots of sleep when you can, when you are sleeping you can't feel sick because you asleep (duh).

Oh, and no matter how badly you think it sucks to work through the first trimester do not quit your job! Yes, its nice for the first three months, but once that part is over you will become very bored sitting around at home waiting for you boyfriend or husband to get off work. Also, that extra money is always nice when your significant other takes time off work to help with the baby

Picking The Doctor

This one is easy. Everyone tries to make it sound so hard by telling you that its super important to like your doctor. In reality its not. You will not be spending more than an hour a month for most of the pregnancy with them, and then you may spend two hours a month with them for the last couple of months since doctors usually want to see you twice a month towards the end. Other than the actual delivery you really will not be spending too much time with them.

All you need to know about your doctor is: are they covered under your insurance, what hospital do they deliver at, and are they smart enough to deliver a healthy baby. If you like the answers to all three of those questions than breath a sigh of relief because you found your doctor.

You New Wardrobe

Affordable maternity clothes are not easy to find though (unless you are lucky enough to have a Motherhood Maternity store nearby). Macy's just recently added a maternity section to their stores, but it is really small and there isn't much to choose from. Target has the biggest selection that I have found and they always have stuff on sale. For example, I bought the most adorable black maternity bathing suit there for $7 at the beginning of summer. Most department stores do not cater to pregnant women, so the internet or second hand maternity stores may be a good option if you are trying to save a few bucks. Cites like Amazon are great for finding good prices. But first, go to a store like target and try a few things on to see what size you are.

A few must haves for a maternity wardrobe are: 2 bigger bras (because you will out grows the ones that you already have), 2 pairs of comfortable jeans, 4-8 cute maternity shirts, 1-2 nice dress-up go out on date outfits, 2-3 maternity tank tops (these will be useful when you get larger and your belly button pops out), 2 comfy dresses (the good thing is they don't have to be maternity, just high waisted), comfy cute slip on shoes and you are good to go.


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