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Surviving to negative vibes

Updated on June 7, 2016

Hello there! I'm glad I'm here, today I woke up and I felt I needed to write, so I'm happy I'm here, when I though about writing this article, I needed to tag and I really though that Health was a good word to start.

Health is a massive part of our lives, and I'd say the most important and valuable thing to me, I started to think that way since I was very young when I struggled with some health issues, now this idea gets stronger through the years.

When I think about Health (caps lock), all the body issues, exercise, green food and routines instantly come to my mind, but there is a deeper thing, Mental Health. If I dive inside this topic I would probably write like forever, but Im just going to talk about how our context influence our emotions, our feelings and self esteem.

Today in the morning when I woke up I felt a heavy wave in the air if I can tell, I had not even set foot on the ground when my mood was totally affected, the reason is that some people were discussing, yelling, I wasn't even involved and I was so pissed. While I was in the bed I was thinking how different I am and how my mood changes when I'm around with different people, I though about my favorite person ever, My cousin, aka my soul mate or my same. She is probably one of the most hard worker person I've ever met, She works for her goals even if it's 4 am in the morning on Sunday and she has been sitting there for days , And You know?I have never heard her complain about how unfair life is, how much does she has to work, about God projects about present past of future. Now that I'm writting this I understand why I love her besides the other 198428 million reasons, cause She is a happy person and She brings joy to people.

You know I wish I could be that kind of person, but just as Blair Waldorf kinnda said : Im more like a Darth vader, and everyone else there is sunshine barbie, I get it I probably would write as much as I want to change I can't this is me, but I'm trying to be realist and honest and less humdrum an say that I actually can.

Of course We're all different people, I can not be like some others as much as I want, but I think that some little intern changes could bring big things. Spotting my life a little, the "treat yourself was not for us", the resting thing or the give you self a break was not a thing, cause apparently We have to work as much as We can (to the point We can't even resist). And I feel like I'm done with that You know? What do I have to let my self esteem be defined by grades, by moral by other's opinion. Why do I have to allow my health gets shi**y just because I need to get the things done in a precise certain way? It's just not fair.

I want to allow my self to enjoy a movie at home, after being away the whole week. I want to be able to buy a 25 box concealer and a 25 lipgloss cause I worked so hard the whole semester. I want to be able to chill in bed without worries or anxiety after a long day of school. I want to buy my self a new professional camera cause I worked so hard for it. I want to go out and forget about every single thing cause I'm 20 and I shouldn't be dealing with some problems that are not even mine, I really don't want to be a grumpy person. I want to be ok about my grades, my weight my laugh, about me being introverted.

I want to do all those things guys, even If my head is trying to play games, even If my "traditional learning" say that I can not chill, even if my moral says that relaxing is a waste of time or that my money should be spend in other things butt treats. I want to be flexible, cause most or the times We're tolerant with others but our selfs. I want to allow my self to be happy and bring other people joy and happiness.

I really want to be plenty, I want you guys to be really intensely happy too.

Well this little article was like unboxing a big package, and I'm ok with that. I really hope that this helps you someway somehow and if You are not happy with the person You are,You are stressed or done, GIVE YOUR SELF A BREAK and for the love of God, So round Yourself with people that makes you happy, make you laugh and make you feel good about yourself.

(NOTE: those pictures are things that make me happy, are not mine btw, just wanted to share:)

To the someones reading , I love You so much, Thank You!

A beautiful quote here:

See you!!!

Always MGH. x


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