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Susan G Komen 3 Day DFW - Week One

Updated on January 30, 2011


The Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk is a powerful, demanding event that requires a strong personal, physical and fund raising commitment. The 3 day walk dates for DFW are November 4 – 6, and involves a 60 mile journey over the 3 days. Not for the meek, and I believe this will be a life changing event. This gives me 40 weeks to prepare, and I’m going to need every day!

I’m excited about doing this! This is a life experience I want to share with my friends. In this spirit, I will be chronicling my experience in this blog – the good, the bad and the ugly. Come along for the journey – happy walking!

Day 7

Day seven and week one of marathon training completed. Today’s agenda was an endurance 3 mile walk in 45-60 minutes. I completed it in 42 minutes! Whoo-hoo! And since it’s Saturday, I was able to walk during daylight hours in relatively comfortable temperatures. My legs are aching a bit, along with my back. Time to get back into my yoga routine.

Day 6

Day six of marathon training was a rest day, so no walking. Another morning where I had trouble getting up and going, so no morning yoga.

Day 5

Day five of marathon training completed. Today’s agenda was 1.5 mile walk in 30 minutes. I had a lot of trouble getting up and moving today.

After work I did the moderate level walk of 1.5 miles in 30 minutes which equals 3,000 steps in near freezing temperatures. Man it was cold. Looking forward to another rest day tomorrow.

Day 4

The fourth day of marathon training was a rest day, so no walking. I did get up and do a morning yoga program. In the evening we went on a .8 mile walk with the dogs at a Chihuahua friendly pace

Day 3

Third day of marathon training completed. Today’s agenda was 1.5 mile walk in 30 minutes. The day did not start well. I woke up off and on from 2:00 am on, finally getting up at my regular time at 5:00 am. Achy muscles, a sinus headache and sleep deprivation did not bode well for the day.

I decided that negativity wasn’t going to get me anywhere, so I took a vitamin drink with B vitamins to get the old motor started, and headed upstairs to do my morning yoga program. I also ended up doing a 10 minute dance cardio program.

Fourteen hours later I’m home from work, had a quick dinner that my wonderful hubby prepared, and left to complete the walking training. I did the moderate level walk of 1.5 miles in 29 minutes which equals 3,000 steps. My hubby joined me this time, which may have slowed my pace slightly since we were talking. My pedometer read 3,380 steps, but I’ve decided not to worry about the step calibration.

Here’s to mind over matter, or in this case, mind over body.

Day 2

Second day of marathon training underway. Today’s agenda was 20 minutes of cross training. In addition to my daily morning yoga program, I chose to do a 35 minute dance cardio program, and to the haters, no a pole was not involved. LOL!

I added a 6 minute weight program with the Shake Weight. Yes, I bought one. Yes, I know the jokes. Yes, I’ve seen the SouthPark episode (pretty funny). And yes, I endure the snickers from my husband and son when they see me use it as they also saw the SouthPark episode. It does give a great arm workout.

I bought some new walking shoes which I’ll get to try out tomorrow. I’m still not hitting 10,000 steps. That will be a milestone in this program when I do.

Day 1

Today is the first day of marathon training to get me ready for a 20 mile a day for 3 day event in November. I was very apprehensive about starting due to my current physical condition. I suffered a health set back in July 2010 from an adverse reaction to prescription medications for my arthritis. All anti-inflammatory drugs have been removed from my life, leaving me basically Tylenol to deal with all bodily pain. This has not been a good thing.

Back in the day I rode my bicycle quite a bit. 22 years ago I did a 2 day 100 mile ride from Del Mar, California to Tijuana and back. Injury, bodily pain and doctors put the kabash on cycling 10 years ago. Yoga has helped to keep me out of physical therapy, for the most part. I’ve had a pedometer for years, and have never successfully hit the 10,000 steps suggested for good health. This is approximately 5 miles per day. A typical day is about 5,000 steps. When I make an effort, I hit 6,000+ steps. A far cry from being able to walk 20 miles in one day.

My first planned training workout is 1.5 miles in 30 minutes which equals 3,000 steps. I used Google Maps to plan out the route to make sure I was really getting 1.5 miles in. I surprised myself and accomplished my goal in 28 minutes. My pedometer read 3,300 steps, so I need to evaluate the step calibration, assuming I can find the instructions. On the other hand, it’s close enough to my goal to work, and steps are not an exact science.

I definitely need to get proper walking gear: shoes, gloves for these cold winter days at minimum. The ball of my left foot hurt while walking. My thighs ache now, so an Epsom salt spa bath will be in my future.

My reward after the walk was a Lean Cuisine steamer of Asiago Cheese Tortellini. Yum! Gives my taste buds a treat and still healthy for you. I'm still craving something chewy and gooey tho.

A good day, and I’m looking forward to continuing this adventure!


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