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Susan G Komen 3 Day DFW - Week Two

Updated on January 30, 2011


The Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk is a powerful, demanding event that requires a strong personal, physical and fund raising commitment. The 3 day walk dates for DFW are November 4 – 6, and involves a 60 mile journey over the 3 days. Not for the meek, and I believe this will be a life changing event. This gives me 40 weeks to prepare, and I’m going to need every day!

I’m excited about doing this! This is a life experience I want to share with my friends. In this spirit, I will be chronicling my experience in this blog – the good, the bad and the ugly. Come along for the journey – happy walking!


Week two of 40 weeks completed.  Out of a planned 6.5 miles, we only finished 3.8 miles.  Definitely not a stellar week.  A bad back and a head cold caused me to miss 2 trainings.  Here’s to a better results next week.

Day 14

The fourteenth day and week two of marathon training completed.  Today’s agenda was an endurance 3 mile walk in 45-60 minutes.  Thanks to my back and a head cold, I didn’t make it out of bed.  That’s 2 days of training missed this week.

Day 13

The thirteenth day of marathon training was a rest day, so no walking.  I’m still resting my aching back.  I’m able to move a little better than previous days, and grateful it’s a rest day. 

Day 12

The twelfth day of marathon training was supposed to be a moderate 1.5 mile walk. Unfortunately my back prevented me from doing much of anything today. I did get to my chiropractor for a much needed adjustment. One day of training missed.

Day 11

The eleventh day of marathon training was a rest day, so no walking. I’m feeling absolutely worn out, and my upper back is aching. It’s difficult to turn, so a trip to the chiropractor is probably in order.

Day 10

The tenth day of marathon training was a moderate walk of 1.5 miles. We did the walk in just under 30 minutes. It was a cold night, and my back was really tensing up from the chill. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

Day 9

The ninth day of marathon training was 20 minutes of cardio. I did a 36 minute cardio dance routine. I’m starting to like this portion of the training. I’m still having trouble getting up in the morning to do yoga. It’s been several days since I’ve done my morning program and my back is hurting more and more.

Day 8

The eighth day of marathon training was a recovery walk of .5 miles. We did a .8 walk in about 20 minutes at a slow, not fast, pace.

After reviewing what we walked yesterday, we missed a portion of the walk, so we only did 2.8 miles…oops.


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