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Susan Powter, Her Brand of Insanity Really Works

Updated on June 12, 2010

Stop The Insanity!!!

Susan began with her revolutionary program "Stop The Insanity" back in the early nineties
Susan began with her revolutionary program "Stop The Insanity" back in the early nineties
Here is Susan working out with people from all walks of life. As she put it "The fittest of the fit and the fattest of the fat all need to be in the same room"
Here is Susan working out with people from all walks of life. As she put it "The fittest of the fit and the fattest of the fat all need to be in the same room"
How do you like Susan in hair. She looks nice with this style.
How do you like Susan in hair. She looks nice with this style.

I never forgot the first time I saw Susan Powter, back in the early nineties. She was doing a commercial for her new fitness program, Stop The Insanity. Her program included the exercise video Moving and a meal plan. Her program was truly cutting edge, there was no program like it. She had invented what is known as the new to fit class. In a new to fit class people with all levels of fitness all share the same class, but are encouraged to exercise within their own fitness level. She encourages her students to go at their own pace, and to modify whenever necessary.

Susan was once overweight, and out of shape, before she became the exercise diva that she is. Susan knows the frustration that people go through when they go to an aerobic class, only to fail because they simply cannot keep up with their instructor. Susan didn’t give up, instead she modified, while following the rest of the class. She learned the art of adaptation and was able to take this concept and teach it to others.

Soon after the success of her first exercise video, Moving she also published a book about her life titled Stop The Insanity. In her book she talks about her life, her marriage, her frustrations, and last but not least, the ups and downs of weight management. She tells about how intimidating most aerobic classes can be when you are significantly overweight. She talks about how personal relationships can effect you, and your eating patterns. If you really want to know more about this amazing woman, this is a great book to read.

I, myself am familiar with Moving , Burn Fat and Get Fit, and Lean Strong and Healthy.My favorite Susan Powter workout is Burn Fat and Get Fit, which is an interval training tape. On this tape you do an active worm up of ten minutes, followed by three minutes of step aerobics, then one minute weight training using hand weights. The intervals are repeated several times, then at the end, there is a five minute active cool down. This is a wonderful workout, because it truly burn calories without tiring you out. You feel very much energized after a Susan Powter workout. I would recommend Susan Powter’s workouts to anyone, whether they’re an out of shape beginner, or a seasoned exercise enthusiast.

Susan’s has come along way since the early nineties she now added many different programs, The Life Style Exchange Program include the thirteen following DVDs:Motivation 1, Motivation 2, Burn Fat, Lean Muscle Mass, Body Work, Sprint Energy,Fitness Stretch, Yoga, Yoga Step, Circuit Training Upper, Circuit Training Lower, Men's Conditioning 1, Men's Conditioning 2. When you order all thirteen of her DVDs, you get as a bonus a one hour phone conversation with Susan. Imagine getting to talk to Ms. Powter, herself and having the opportunity to ask her about your many fitness concerns. Susan also has many recipes on her website for delicious and sliming dishes.

If you would like more information on this amazing woman, and her all her program has to offer, you can go to the following link ttp:// On her site you will find tons of info, as well as resources to begin your journey for a trimmer and healthier you.


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