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Susrut's partnership with Orbis and launching a vision van

Updated on December 21, 2016

When you look at the rising population of poor and homeless people, you realize the importance of mobile health services. Above all the strategies that any health provider intends to follow, the most important one is to stay flexible. The population has been growing at a steady pace and so has their health problems. For the past few years, healthcare has become so expensive especially in the metropolitan cities that people who were homeless, poor, and needy have given up the dream of getting better and healthy. To help these underprivileged people, several health service providers have been attempting to expand their reach.

With the objective of meeting the eye care needs of the unfortunate masses, Taiwan government has donated a mobile eye-check-up van to the Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre. For the past 18 years Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre has been trying to reach out to poor people in remote areas. The main aim of the Foundation is to pull the visually-challenged people from darkness to light. Susrut stresses on eye care especially to the children in backward and inaccessible areas. The main goal of Susrut is to aware people about the importance of eye care, seriousness of ocular diseases and reasons behind blindness or low vision. Susrut is closely working with Orbis to achieve its aim of eradicating blindness.

Orbis is a most popular worldwide non-governmental organization that have been a leader in the treatment of blindness and prevention of the same. for almost 30 years, Orbis has been transforming lives. It has been offering the skills, expertise and knowledge for delivering reachable quality eye care services. Working in association with local partners, Orbis delivers applied training and reinforces eye care infrastructure. Also, Orbis promotes for prioritizing eye care on public health agendas. With 31 centres across 17 states meeting the unmet health needs of children, Orbis has established the largest network of Children’s Eye Centres.

With the collaboration of Orbis and support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan, Taiwan government has generously donated the Mobile Vision Van to Susrut Eye Foundation. This van will reach out to the remote and distant pockets of Kolkata and assist people who cannot access healthcare centres due to economic and logistical reasons. Loaded with features like vision screening, identification of cataracts, refraction and retinal diseases identification, this van is a mini-hospital. Moreover, patients are also dispensed spectacles, prescribed medicines and referred to the hospital, if needed. Especially designed for meeting the health needs of children, the van will help the people save money and get access to affordable services

The main objective of launching the van is essentially to serve the poor in remote areas and reach the distant places to aware masses about eye health care


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