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Sustainable Happiness

Updated on August 30, 2012

Is Happiness Sustainable?

Is there such a thing as sustainable happiness? I think so after what reading about it in so many places in cyberspace. It is all about living simply, maintaining relationships, not accumulating stuff, and giving ourselves away to make the world a better place to live in.

Good lives do not have to cost much and the earth would be better off; according to Andrew Simms and Joe Smith, who wrote the book “Do Good lives Have to Cost the Earth”.

The good life is about walking again in a neighborhood that has all the basics we need to care for ourselves with common places to grow food and build relationships with the neighbors. I love to talk with the people who grow my food. I am learning that food is all about communion and relationships. Instead of fast food, people gather to prepare and share a meal together whether it is with the family unit or the neighborhood.

Turning out the lights at night and telling stories and sharing the events of our lives with one another is a good way to maintain the family unit. We spend too much time on cell phones and notepads. Isn’t being on the computer all day at our job enough? I know people who refuse to email at home or answer their cell phone unless it’s an emergency. Listening and play music together relieves the stress of everyday living.

Another author on a simple life is Cecile Andrews, who has written a book Slow is Beautiful. Are we ever happy when we are rushing through life? We all need to slow down and reflect on what the action is all about.

Why is it that our society gravitates to more instead of less? Look at all the big houses that are being foreclosed on. According to the Census Bureau more than 18 million houses have stood empty while homelessness keeps growing. In building huge houses we have been sold something we really don’t need. How much time does the average American spend at home these days? Owners are working two or more jobs to meet the bills or keep the kids busy with soccer, etc. A smaller home would be more economical and more energy could be given to leisure when we are at home.

It does not take much to become a happier person. Look for more ways in future articles on sustainable living and simply get “happy”.

My Sustainable Relationship
My Sustainable Relationship | Source


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