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Suzy Wengel’s Weight Loss Tips According to the Scandi Sense Diet

Updated on May 18, 2018

There are a myriad of dieting tips and routines available today. From fitness courses available online, to exercise regimes, there’s no shortage of weight loss programmes for you to try out. Most of us go through a variety of these before settling on something that works for us – if we ever get there. However, excessive dieting and trying out a number of different routines is harmful for us in the long-run. These diets can affect our bodies in negative ways and make our immune system weaker. They are also not guaranteed to help you lose weight in a productive manner. In addition, your body needs a consistent plan that is effective and works well with your lifestyle. Going back and forth between diets is contrary to this idea. This is why it’s important to opt for a healthy alternative that’ll help you drop a few stones while at the same time being good for your overall health. In this regard, Suzy Wengel’s ‘Scandi Sense Diet’ is just what you’re looking for!

Suzy Wengel, The Founder Of This Diet Plan

Suzy Wengel is a 39 year-old nutritional advisor and dietician from Denmark. She first developed the Scandi Sense Diet to combat her own weight gain following the birth of her second child. After trying out other diets only left her worse for wear, she found great success through this particular diet – losing a grand total of six stones! She weighed 220 pounds (15.7) before starting the handful method and then dropped down to 132 pounds (9.4 stone). Since then, she has helped hundreds of clients also achieve their desired weight loss through this diet plan. The programme is special in that it focuses on the ‘handful’ method and aims to not only aid in weight loss but also help in maintaining it. This is especially significant as many diets follow a crash-course style method. This makes you lose a large amount of weight in a surprisingly short amount of time, but then gain it back just as quick.

The Handful Method

The handful relies on a purely literal approach to measuring your food intake using your hands. In this way, the diet stipulates that you must take three meals a day, in conjunction with a few healthy snacks to regulate your weight. Each meal consists of four handfuls – measured in the palm of your hand. This means that it varies from person to person according to their build and height. Our hands are around proportional to the rest of our bodies. The ‘handful’ is essentially your palm cupped into a bowl shape with your fingers and thumbs pressed flat together. Try it out and you’ll be able to ascertain what exactly the diet pertains to. One handful consists of protein, one or two of vegetables, and one of starch or fruit. Along with these four handfuls, you are also allowed to consume one to three tablespoons of fat. In addition, dairy products can be enjoyed on a limited basis and zero-calorie drinks can be consumed freely. In this way, the plan ensures that you’re receiving the proper nutrition from all important food groups in a solid proportion.

Daily Servings

The respective meal groups are composed of some of the following food items. The handful of protein should be between one hundred and two hundred grams and can include meat, poultry, fish, pulses, and low-fat cheese (with a maximum saturation of 17% percent). Two-three eggs can also constitute a handful of protein. Vegetables follow the same pattern and you can consume up to two handfuls of these, each of about one-two hundred grams. The handful containing starchy foods or carbohydrates includes bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, and muesli with less than thirteen grams of sugar per one hundred grams. You can alternatively enjoy fruit or berries instead of the aforementioned carbohydrates! To be clear, one handful in this sense refers to one slice of bread or a single piece of fruit. This handful as a whole can also be replaced by half a handful of protein or more vegetables – it’s all up to you!

In addition to the basic handfuls, your daily meals must also include one-three tablespoons of fat i.e. eight-ten grams of pure fat. The fat prescribed in the diet is essentially coconut or olive oil, but the label extends to butter, kernels, nuts, pesto, and mayonnaise. Furthermore, two tablespoons of dairy dressing are optional to consume on the condition that they contain only a nine percent concentration of fat. You can also go for 300ml of dairy products in a day, although their fat concentration should be limited to 3.5 percent.

Eat When You're Hungry

One of the essential components of the diet, according to Wengel is to eat when you’re hungry. It’s suggested that you should learn to recognise your personal hunger levels on a sort of scale, ranging from zero to ten – with the latter meaning you’re ‘totally famished’ and the former being that you’re not at all hungry. Wengel herself says that for years she was unable to learn this about her own body and would often end up overeating by not being able to tell that she was in fact full.

This idea is important to help regulate the intervals with which you consume meals in accordance with your body’s needs and in conjunction with your digestive system for maximum efficiency. Having a hearty meal when you’re already full can be counter-productive as your body will not make the best use of the sustenance provided that it would otherwise if you were actually hungry. Wengel recommends that you eat a meal when you’re around seven to eight on your constructed scale of hunger. She hopes that principles like this will encourage healthy and consistent weight loss as opposed to the trend of yo-yo dieting that has become exceedingly popular nowadays. This idea also alleviates the stress that comes with other diets – having to eat at a designated time even though you may not feel hungry or up to it. You can enjoy a bit of freedom by regulating your own meal times as long as you consume the right food!

Improve Your Health

The Scandi Sense Diet is not a lifestyle that is conducive to weight loss but also an improvement in your overall health. Contrary to other diet plans that test the limits of your body and often leave you in a weakened state, by not providing the complete nourishment required by your body, Wengel’s ideas are actually beneficial to your health. You can even lower the risk of certain diseases by following the handful approach to eating. The Scandi Sense Diet helps regulate your blood sugar and maintain low cholesterol levels by preventing you from consuming heavily deep-fried or fatty foods as well as overly sweet treats. This can help lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, both of which are easily contractible in the current health standards we pursue.

Weight Loss Without Counting Calories

The Scandi Sense Diet is extremely popular, not only in Denmark but elsewhere as well. This is because it genuinely represents a change from the other diet plans commonly available. Obsessing over your calorie intake at each meal is stressful and may even be counter-productive. Wengel’s principles of healthy eating via the handful method are carefully constructed to leave you as unburdened as possible – while losing heaps of weight! You’re free to choose your own ingredients as long as you can fashion them into one of the essential food groups for your four handfuls!

Exercise At Your Own Will

Another interesting facet of the programme is that it doesn’t place the focus on exercise. Nutritional and fitness research has shown that losing weight is eighty percent about the diet and twenty percent about the exercise. Making changes in your eating patterns creates a calorie deficit which is more effective than burning calories. In order to lose weight most efficiently, you should primarily be lowering your calorie intake and then doing some form of supplemental exercise.

Fitness and weight loss regimes tend to place more importance on exercise than is appropriate with regard to weight loss. Without making changes in your dietary habits, exercise will simply convert fat to muscle rather than losing it. Wengel understands the importance of eating patterns and this is why the Scandi Sense Diet relies primarily on reconstructing your relationship with food. Exercise should absolutely be a part of your life for a multitude of reasons but it isn’t what really allowed Wengel to lose 88 pounds in a span of 10 months.

The Simplest Diet In The World – It’s A Lifestyle!

Ultimately, Wengel’s tips come down to simplicity and adaptability. The Scandi Sense Diet might be an effective method to lose weight but it’s more than a crash-diet that you follow meticulously for two months and then abandon. It’s a fundamental change in your food consumption patterns that is sure to be sustainable. The diet doesn’t follow any extreme or drastic measures that force you to cut some important foods out of your life or dictate how you want to use certain ingredients. This makes it something that can be inculcated into your lifestyle and followed for a long period of time – to maintain the weight you’ve lost and stay healthy.

In today’s fast-paced world, we opt for easy but impermanent solutions to our problems – including weight. The Scandi Sense Diet takes an alternative approach to building us up to a sustainable model that encourages healthy eating patterns. The fact that you’re free to continue to enjoy most foods and aren’t dictated on every single calorie you take in certainly helps contribute to the diet’s wide-ranging appeal. It’s a lifestyle that encourages change in our habits on a fundamental level rather than surface-level solutions.


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