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Swap and Loose Weight

Updated on November 16, 2015
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Sandy's recipes are for the not-so-professional chef who wants easy, fast, and delicious meals as well as time and money saving tips. Enjoy!

Swap this for That

The holidays are all most here and, naturally, you want to look your best. One method of achieving your weight loss goal is swapping food with a high caloric content and fat grams for a food with much less.

NOTE: Before beginning any diet or exercise regiment contact your health care provider or doctor to make sure this is the best course for you.

Let's start with breakfast the most important meal of the day. A bowl of hot oatmeal is wonderful on a cold morning, but one cup of quick oatmeal has 145 calories, 2.3 grams! Compared to one cup serving of hot cream of wheat prepared with water and you are only taking in 130 calories and .6g of fat. Dry cereal vary on their caloric content thus it is important to compare before making your selection. To keep breakfast as fat free as possible use fat free milk and a sugar substitute. Of course we love toast, bagels or muffins with our cereal, and that can be a good thing if you compare bread( whole wheat, potato, etc.) selecting the loaf with the lowest caloric and fat content that suits your taste. Add flavor with low fat or fat free butter and low fat or sugar free jelly or jam. Another favorite breakfast food is the incredible eatable egg. One egg has 70 calories and 4.5 grams of fat but 1/4 cup of a liquid egg substitute (equivalent of one egg) has only 25 calories and 0 fat! Scramble the egg substitute on low fat butter and add a little salsa to kick it up a bit. Orange or grapefruit juice is a must on the breakfast table delicious and full of sugar. The simple solution is to swap store bought for homemade juice.

Now for lunch. Most of us only have an hour for lunch so grabbing a quick meal at the nearest fast food restaurant is the solution. Fortunately most fast food restaurants offer healthier foods so it is easy to substitute French fries and hamburger for a salad with fat free dressing or veggie wrap made with wonton wrapper. Finish lunch with a small container of fat free yogurt, a 1/2 cup of low fat sorbet, or a protein bar.

For a mid-day snack enjoy a homemade smoothie or a low fat protein bar. Make your smoothie using fat free yogurt, or milk, fresh fruit or vegetables and add a cup ( or to taste) of whey. Before leaving for work pour your smoothie in to a thermos so you can enjoy it at work. My favorite smoothie is blending muscle milk, fat free Greek yogurt, fresh or frozen strawberries (peaches, raspberries, mango) and spinach. You decide the portions of each ingredient depending on how many glasses you want to drink. Yes, it does look like pond scum but is really good!

Fast forward to dinner. You evening meal will be as healthy as you want depending on the food and how it is prepared. Most main dishes contain meat thus the leaner the cut the better. Skinless chicken, turkey and fish will make a low fat main dish if grilled, baked or broiled. Frying food adds calories and fat, how about making your frying pan in to a dish garden that way you are not tempted to use it?

Pasta and rice make the perfect side dish. The caloric content of pasta varies with the pasta you select for example, whole wheat pasta contain more calories than regular pasta. One cup cooked brown rice contains 216 calories and 1.8 grams of fat compared to 1 cup white rice with only 161 calories and .3 grams of fat. Remember you are not eating just the pasta! Canned sauces have a high caloric and fat content where as home made will be much less. In doing my comparison shopping I found one brand had 434 calories and 10.0 grams of fat per serving! There are many recipes for homemade sauce where you control the caloric and fat content and top with low or fat free cheese.

For a low fat desert, put down the brownie or cup cake and enjoy low fat fruit yogurt topped with granola, fat free sorbet, or a chocolate protein bar.

Swapping foods and beverages low in calories and fat plus an exercise program recommend by your doctor and the pounds will start melting away.

DISCLAIMER: The caloric and fat contents were taken from Whats Cooking America? There are many web sites with healthy easy to make recipes to make the swap delicious.


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