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How Many Pool Laps Should I Swim In A Good Water Workout - the Benefits Of Water Exercise

Updated on January 18, 2016

How Many Laps Should I Swim For A Good Water Workout

A good water workout can be the greatest way to keep the body in shape. Many times people ask, "how many laps should I swim for a good water workout?" The answer will vary for different people depending on age, fitness level, experience, weight and other factors.

I learned how to swim when I was very young and loved the water. Today, teaching swimming lessons is one of the units I teach in my Physical Education classes. Setting up water workouts is something else I do at the pool . Some of the most popular programs are children's swimming lessons, Aquatic Exercise for adults and lap swim or swimming for fitness. Posted lap swim workouts are popular amongst lap swimmers. I think it is very, very important that children learn to swim. When young, they are much easier to teach and learn so much faster. It is very difficult to try to teach an adult how to swim. The reason is usually because they have developed so many fears, that those must be overcome to some degree before learning to swim can take place. Many non swimmer still enjoy pool workouts in the shallow end.

In lessons we start with the basics of adjusting to the water, floating, kicking and stroke development. When these are accomplished, just about anyone can get a good water workout in the pool. If the strokes are not accomplished, then adjustments can be made to work with the participants at their level. Even if a person has not learned to swim, the water exercises that can be used can still get people in shape with low impact on the body.

As swimming skills become better, lap swim and water workouts can be put in place to increase endurance and to help make strokes stronger.

The Benefits Of Aquatic Exercise

The benefits of aquatic exercise for people from very young to very old are numerous. Although it is an activity that has the potential to keep people in very good shape because it exercises many muscle groups, water exercise is also an activity that is therapeutic for those recuperating form injuries or surgeries. There are a number of different lap swim workouts from very low level to very high level that instructors can put in place for those participating in swimming exercise programs. If you don't want an instructor, it is easy to come up with your own water workouts and water exercises depending on your level of fitness and your condition. Some ask how many laps is a 500 or a 300 or a 100. Well, in a 25 yard or meter pool, one length down the pool is a 25, down and back is a 50 so a 100 is down and back 4 times and so on. a 500 is 20 lengths of the pool.

Some of the things that may be of assistance when using swimming as an exercise might be
a bathing cap, googles or flippers. A bathing cap can help keep hair out of your face, goggles keep water out of eyes and flippers aide in making kicking much easier.

To work the legs more, kick boards are a helpful piece of equipment. The things also help make the workouts a bit more interesting as swimming laps continuously can get boring and adding something new helps change things up

Swim Picture

Swim To Stay Fit
Swim To Stay Fit

Water Workout Plan

A moderate water workout planned for someone who has good strokes and access to a pool might look something like this:

Start with alternating swimming 50 yards crawl then 50 yards flutter kick til you get to 150 yards. Do this two times (300 yards) Rest 20 sec between 150's

Crawl Stroke - 300 yards rest 20 sec., 2x150, rest 20 sec, 4x75, rest, 6x50, rest, 12x25 rest

Choice Pull, Kick or swim - 200, rest 20, 200, rest 20, 4x25 rest 20

Swim down - 100 any stroke

A moderate water exercise workout without using strokes may look something like this:

Start by walking in the water, widths of the pool for about 5 minutes (water shes are recommended).


Now start a slow jog for 2-3 minutes. Knee lifts 20-30 and 20 30 jumping jacks. If you have jugs or dumbbells, use these for work with arms for 5-10 minutes. Go to chest deep water and jog, high knees for 5 minutes or so.

Several other low to high impact water exercises are easy to come up with. Whether you are just starting out, recuperating from an injury or an operation or a if you are a seasoned swimmer, water workouts and swimming for fitness will help you stay healthy and strong and a weekly lap swim workout or an aerobic water workout plan can be made to your liking and can be very beneficial to your health.

Health Benefits That Can Be Accomplished From a Regular Swimming Routine

When the body is submerged in water, it automatically becomes lighter. For this reason, it is much easier to move to work muscles and joints. It can be especially beneficial for those that are overweight or recovering from an injury. Stretching, strengthening and aerobic workouts can all be accomplished in the pool setting. Warm water workouts are especially helpful to those who may be suffering from arthritis.

Besides muscle conditoining, swimming is also good for improving bone strength. IAt can be very helpful to pre-menopausal and menopausal women.

Blood flow, inflammation, heart disease, weight, lung capacity, flexibility, glycemic control, stress are all areas conditions that swimming daily can cause a positive effect.

Putting yourself into a regular swimming exercise routine can have so many awesome health benefits. Even if you are not a great swimmer, just staying in the shallow end of the pool and working with dumbells or other weights can help. Using the water as resistance can be and healthful exercise too.

A visit to the pool or a swim in the pool is worth it's weight in gold for a healthy mind and body


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