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Swimming Exercise Using Hand Fins as a Daily Routine

Updated on March 10, 2021
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John likes to Cross-country ski in the winter and plays golf in the summer, and he likes SCUBA too - sport can be relaxing!

Swimming with Hand Fins is a Low Impact Relaxing Exercise

Swimming is a Low Impact Excercise

It's ideal for both younger and older swimmers. The natural buoyancy of water helps support the body and any previous injuries that may stop a person from pursuing more vigorous exercise such as running for example is not present in the water. The beauty of swimming is that it allows all swimmers the chance to regularly exercise without risk of further injury. The use of hand fins will definitely make swimming much easier!

Swimming Benefits All Muscle Groups

Swimming Helps Strengthen All Muscles in Your Body and Hand Fins Work!

A swimmer will experience a greater overall benefit during a single session of swimming than from most other sports. Hand Fins help reduce resistance in the water, increasing your movements and strengthening your muscles - Remember good muscle support helps bones too!

Being able to swim can also be considered a life-saving skill. So it's important for kids to be able to master this skill as soon as possible. When you can swim better you can teach your kids the right way to swim!

Swimming Holiday Fun & Hand Fins

Taking your Hand Fins on Holiday

So you are going on holiday to a hot exotic country? Well the beauty of hand fins is they are so easy to transport, taking up such little baggage space, you'll never notice they were there! If you holiday is near a sea you'll be able to enjoy aquatic nature in its purest form, swimming in the sea is both a great adventure and a great way to stay in shape, and the use of hand fins will help you glide effortlessly through the sea! Always consider the material of your hand fins to reduce unnecessary baggage weight.

Swimming with Hand Fins

The use of hand fins whilst swimming will help you gain speed as well as being beneficial to your exercise routine
The use of hand fins whilst swimming will help you gain speed as well as being beneficial to your exercise routine

Streamlining Yourself in the Water Whilst Swimming

How Hand Fins Help You Streamline

Understanding how swimming revolves around the notion of being as streamlined as possible. With the use of hand fins as a swimmer you will be more conscious of how your hands enter the water and what each hand is doing during the pull and push phase of your stroke. A swimming hand fin will help you highlight any areas where your hand is causing drag in the water, which will reduce the health benefits of swimming.

It's important to listen to what your body is telling you when using hand fins. Feel how the water moves around your hand. The hand should enter the water as smoothly as possible without splashing or splatting heavily, and the pull phase (when your hand and arm move backwards) should be smooth with very little resistance. Hand fins make this possible.

How Swimming with Hand Fins Helps Build Your Strength and Stamina

When swimming with hand fins an additional benefit is that they help develop your arm, chest, back and shoulder muscles. The fact you are pulling more water behind you will put extra pressure on these muscle groups and will help strengthen them over the course of your swim session. Remember that Hand Fins make your exercise easier, not harder!

How to Use Hand Swimming Fins

Hand Fins as a Swimming Accessory

By improving your swimming technique with the use of hand fins you'll have a greater understanding of how your body movements affect your swimming stroke. You'll not only be able to swim faster but with greater efficiency improving your health and empowering your body. When you swim efficiently you save energy which means you can swim longer.

Poll on the use of swimming hand fins

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Swimming Hand Fins that Work!

Speedo unisex adult Training Nemesis Contour swimming hand paddles, Multicolor, Small US
Speedo unisex adult Training Nemesis Contour swimming hand paddles, Multicolor, Small US
Tubercles increase surface area along the paddle's edge, pushing more water and creating smooth pulling trajectory Contoured shape helps the swimmer feel the proper hand position for water entry Improved tubing straps at the finger and wrist

A Word of Warning & Hazards When Using Hand Fins

Be Aware of Your Body!

If your elbows or shoulders begin to hurt when using hand fins, you should stop using them immediately. Due to the extra pressure on your shoulders and elbows it may be that the fins are aggravating this pain. So always make sure you are using the most productive Hand Fins possible.

Hand fins are now a regular accessory when swimming; the're not just for the professional swimmer but can be used by all swimmers.

Hand fins are an excellent way to build and develop repetitive easy drills into your swim routine and you'll notice how your hands and arms begin to move with greater confidence and stamina. No more puffed breathes for you! Hand fins are both cheap enough to be readily available to all swimmers and come in various colours and designs providing plenty of variation.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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