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Discover A Swimming Exercise Using Hand Fins for the Ultimate Aquatic Excercise You Can Acheive as a Daily Routine

Updated on September 19, 2019
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John D. Williams enjoys handicrafts including making canes and walking sticks and playing "Minecraft."

Swimming is An Important Factor In Improving Your Health

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Swimming is a great exercise and can also help you if you are in trouble in the water
Swimming is a great exercise and can also help you if you are in trouble in the water
Swimming is a great exercise and can also help you if you are in trouble in the water

Swimming as a Low Impact Relaxing Exercise

Swimming is a low impact sport and as such it is ideal for both younger and older swimmers. The natural buoyancy of water helps support the body and any previous injuries that may stop a person from pursuing a more vigorous exercise such as running for example is not applicable in the water. The attraction of this is that it allows older swimmers the chance to regularly exercise without risk of further injury

Many health clubs offer either a combined swim membership plan, or offer a swim membership only. This is normally offered at a very affordable price which may benefit those on a lower income.

Swimming and the benefit to muscle groups

Swimming exercises all of a swimmers main muscle groups. A swimmer will experience a greater overall benefit during a single session of swimming than from most other sports. The main aim really is to stay afloat, it is then up-to the swimmer how much energy they then exert.

Being able to swim can also be considered a life-saving skill. Therefore it is important for children to be able to master this skill as soon as possible. One of the benefits for children starting to learn to swim is how much fun and enjoyment they undertake as they splash in the pool. Parents will also enjoy the time they spend with their children in the pool.

Swimming when on holiday

When you go on holiday and you are at a location that offers its own pool you will have the advantage of being able to relax and exercise at the same time. Furthermore if the location of your holiday is near a sea you will be able to enjoy nature in its purest form, swimming in the sea is both a great adventure and a great way to stay in shape.

Other swimming sports

As your skills in swimming increase it may then be possible to take up other sports and interests too, whether it is sailing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, or canoeing for example.

You may discover that swimming is also a very odd experience when you consider the human body is 70% water, the earth is also 70% water and that we spend 9 months of our life in the womb surrounded by water.

Being able to swim like a dolphin is a great boost to a swimmer’s self-confidence.

Furthermore for many people swimming can be a social event where they meet regular swimmers and talk over topics of the day and express opinions.

Professional Swim Fitness Help

Swimming with Hand Fins

The use of hand fins whilst swimming will help you gain speed as well as being beneficial to your exercise routine
The use of hand fins whilst swimming will help you gain speed as well as being beneficial to your exercise routine

on using Hand Swimming Fins

The Use of Hand Fins for Swimming For The Benefit Of All Muscle Groups

Swimming is an ideal way to exercise all of your muscle groups whilst the buoyancy of the water can ensure your body stays free from impact injury. Swimming is suitable for the young and old alike and you can build a swim routine by using simple accessories such as hand fins. To swim provides an excellent cardiovascular workout and can be very enjoyable with plenty of variation.

What are hand fins made from?

Hand fins are made from plastic, carbon fibre, or polystyrene and fit over the hand to help train when swimming. They act like the fins on a fish to some extent, but obviously fish do not have hands.

Streamlining yourself and pull and push!

Understanding how to swim revolves around the notion of being as streamlined as possible. With the use of hand fins a swimmer is more conscious of how their hands enter the water and what the hand is doing during the pull and push phase of their stroke. This can highlight any areas where the hand is causing drag in the water and when the hand is working well through the water.

It is important to listen to what your body is telling you when using hand fins. Feel how the water moves around your hand. The hand should enter the water as smoothly as possible without splashing heavily, and the pull phase should be smooth with some resistance.

Hand fins work other muscles

When swimming with hand fins an additional consequence is that it will help develop your arm, chest, back and shoulder muscles. The fact you are pulling more water behind you will put extra pressure on these muscle groups and will help strengthen them over the course of your swim session.

Hand Fins as a Swimming Accessory

By improving your swimming technique with the use of hand fins you will have a greater understanding of how your form affects your swimming stroke. You will be able to not only swim faster but more efficiently. When you swim efficiently you save energy which means you can swim longer.

With the addition of a pull buoy you can fully concentrate on working your arms correctly without having to worry about kicking. If however your elbows or shoulders begin to hurt when using hand fins, you should stop using them immediately. Due to the extra pressure on your shoulders and elbows it may be that the fins are aggravating this pain.

Hand fins are now a regular accessory when swimming; they are not just for the professional swimmer but can be used by all swimmers.

Hand fins are an excellent way to build and develop drills into your swim routine and you will notice how your hands and arms begin to move better. Hand fins are both cheap enough to be readily available to all swimmers and come in various colours and designs providing plenty of variation.

Common Ergonomical Swimming Hand Fins

These hand fins for swimming are very comfortable
These hand fins for swimming are very comfortable

Poll on the use of swimming hand fins

Would you consider using Hand Fins for Swimming?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 johndwilliams

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