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The Importance of Swimming Pool Covers

Updated on December 25, 2009

Some pool owners will scoff at the idea of using a swimming pool cover. Many people seem to think that a swimming pool cover is a big waste of time and energy. They don’t enjoy the fact that installing a swimming pool cover, making sure it is on right every time you aren’t using the pool, and uncovering the pool whenever you want to use it and they see it as a bunch of needless effort. But let me tell you this ol’ lazy pool owner:

Swimming pool covers are fundamental to good pool upkeep. They save you money and heartache and don’t have to be a nuisance at all. Every pool owner should have a swimming pool cover to protect their pool. You don’t even have to exert any extra effort to use one either because you can use a swimming pool cover pump to automatically cover and uncover your pool. If you own a hot tub, you should use a hot tub cover to protect that too.

Swimming Pool Covers Save Lives

So, why exactly are swimming pool covers fundamental to proper pool care? Well, there are a few reasons for this. The first and possibly most important reason for using a swimming pool cover is simply that they protect the pool from falling debris and will protect against any pool related accidents. No matter what year it is, you will see a child drowning in a pool on the news. When you don’t have a swimming pool cover preventing things from falling into the pool you will inevitably hear about some lone child tripping into the pool and hurting themselves.

A swimming pool safety cover prevents accidents because they turn what once was a liquid surface into a hard and impenetrable one. Small animals, twigs, and innocent children will not find their way into the water if you keep a swimming pool cover over it. Even if they do fall into the pool they will be caught by the pool cover and will easily find their way out again.

This pool cover kept the dog out.
This pool cover kept the dog out.

 Swimming Pool Covers Help Prevent Maintenance Issues

Weather, people, and wildlife will ruin a pool’s good nature. The more you use your pool the more you will find it in disrepair but if you keep a cover on the pool you will find that the classic maintenance issues basically disappear. If you use a swimming pool cover whenever you’re not in the pool you will find it is a lot easier to clean your pool of fallen debris. You will also find that the shell of your pool lasts longer and doesn’t crack as easily as a pool with no cover would.

Outdoor pools are exposed to all sorts of hazardous weather conditions. Even the sun, which gives us that pleasant heat, can fade away the paint and dry up and crack the concrete. If you protect your pool with a swimming pool cover you will practically eliminate these pesky problems.

Look at all the dirt and leaves that would have fallen in the pool without this pool cover.
Look at all the dirt and leaves that would have fallen in the pool without this pool cover.

Swimming Pool Covers Save You Money

Not only do swimming pool covers save you time and energy but they also go far in saving you money. If you use a swimming pool solar cover for your pool it will redirect the heat of the sun and raise the temperature of your water naturally. It can be really expensive to keep your pool heated to a comfortable temperature so the more help you can get from nature the better. Just put the pool cover on for a few days and you will notice a drastic difference in the temperature of the water and it will save you tons of money on your next heating bill.

If you’re still not convinced that swimming pool covers are necessary to the survival of your pool just try to keep your pool uncovered next winter. Even if you don’t live in a place that snows you are liable to get heavy rains that will do a ton of damage to the surface of your pool and cause you a lot more grief. If the water freezes, the water may end up cracking your pool when it expands. Its best to get a swimming pool winter cover to protect yourself these potential disasters.

This frozen pool will certainly be damaged because of the frozen ice.
This frozen pool will certainly be damaged because of the frozen ice.


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    • profile image

      Kleen cleaning products 5 years ago

      You may want to check out that new Rollitspacover on the web. I have a customer who got one and she loves how she is able to remove it by herself. Said it was expensive but worth it. Good luck

    • alicialoyd profile image

      alicialoyd 5 years ago

      Swimming pool covers definitely are necessary. Not only it help in maintaining the pool clean, it also provides safety to your kids and pets. Great hub!

    • profile image 6 years ago

      I love to the actual tips a person supplied with your publish. We're going to take a note of your website and look below once more often.

    • n8blls profile image

      n8blls 8 years ago from Austin

      Man, swimming season scares the crap out of me every year, since I have had kids. I am glad they both know how to swim now.

    • infoguider profile image

      infoguider 8 years ago

      I didn't even realize you could get fined for not having your pool covered - thanks for the tip Kenny!

    • profile image

      Kenny 8 years ago

      Excellent points you make about pool covers. It is not just for the safety of kids or animals that may wander into your backyard, but also for the maintenance of your pool. I think most areas even have laws in place where you can be fined if they see your pool is uncovered and not maintained.

    • profile image

      Amy Appleton 8 years ago

      I agree. I'm glad that doggy is safe!

    • Darren Haynes profile image

      Darren Haynes 8 years ago from Maryland USA

      Great article, it is so important to make pools safe for children and animals.