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Swimming To Lose Weight - Does Swimming Burn Fat?

Updated on May 9, 2014

Are you looking to do some swimming to lose weight as part of your fat loss program? Great, you’ve made an excellent choice. This form of physical activity will not only burn calories it will improve your cardiovascular health and tone up your body at the same time.

Swimming has been a huge part of my personal fitness regime over the last 20 years and it has also helped my clients get amazing results in achieving their fat loss goals too. Plus it’s fun and can even be social too if you are having a quick chat when resting between laps.

One of the key factors to relieve boredom is to change your routine on a regular basis. By this I mean both the strokes you do and the actual lap routine as well. I will give you a couple of examples in this article of fat burning programmes, then you can adjust them to your own personal fitness level and goals.

Depending on how long you swim for and how intense your workout you can burn anything from 200 – 400 calories per 30 minute session. The key is to build up your stamina and fitness and do interval laps where your heart rate goes up and then comes down.

Research shows that this is the most productive way to burn fat PLUS it will keep your metabolism boosted for hours after you have left the pool. So for fat loss purposes by training using intervals you will continue to burn more calories after your work out is finished.

Heres a couple of programs that I personally use and have found to be extremely effective for both fat loss and weight management.

Swimming To Lose Weight #1)

- Always start with gentle swimming for 5 minutes to warm up.

- Then sprint for 75 metres and rest for 20 seconds – repeat 5 times.

- Followed by sprints for 100 metres and rest for 30 seconds – repeat 5 times.

- End your session with a 5 minute consistent lap cool down by swimming at steady/slow pace.

For the above routine you will burn more calories by doing freestyle/front crawl stroke than you would doing the breast stroke.

Swimming To Lose Weight #2)

- Start with a 5 minute steady pace warm up.

- Followed by 50 metres sprints followed by 20 seconds rest – repeat 10 times.

- Next do 75 metres sprints followed by 30 seconds rest – repeat 5 times.

- Followed by a consistent lap of 5 minutes steady/slow pace cool down swim.

Swimming To Lose Weight Conclusion

If you are not used to doing interval laps then take your time to build up to this level of fitness. A good routine is to swim for 3 days and train in the gym with weights/machines for 3 days and follow a healthy fat loss eating plan.

You will get amazing results in your fat loss, plus energy, muscle tone and shape by following this plan consistently.

Please take a look at some of my other HubPages articles for tips on how to eat for fat loss and train in the gym for maximum results.

Also please leave me a comment on your results as this will inspire other readers to take up swimming as part of their fitness lifestyle.

Swimming To Lose Weight Video

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