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Swine Flu Mask Anyone? Maybe Michael Jackson Wasn’t So Crazy?

Updated on April 30, 2009


Does anyone really know where the Swine Flu came from or why it seems to rear its ugly head every few years? I certainly feel just awful for the people who are losing their lives (and their loved ones who have lost them) to something that seems to be as mysterious as a David Copperfield magic trick…or should I say, “Illusion?” The point is that no matter how you slice it, it’s a pretty scary thing this new flu that is deadly and can be passed around by simple human contact. And as I watch the news with all the reporters with their surgical masks pushed to one side of their necks (looking like they just helped delivered their wife’s baby or were painting a wall) I can’t help but wonder. Swine Flu mask anyone? Maybe Michael Jackson wasn’t so crazy? – Don’t Get Me Started!

For years now we’ve all seen the photos of Michael Jackson with that surgical mask on. I remember when I was working at a large arcade based business on The Strip, one day they radioed that Mr. Jackson would be coming in to check the place out. Sure enough, a couple of hours before we opened, there he was surrounded by body guards and as I looked closer he was wearing pajamas and walking through with his mask firmly in place. I rushed back to my computer to tell everyone that contrary to the popular song, “The Freaks Come Out At Night…they also came out during the day too!” I have to wonder why we think it’s crazy when Jackson wears a mask and yet Howie Mandel can barely put a fist up (instead of a handshake) because he’s so worried about germs and we find sympathy for him and think it’s sweet in his case.

Well like it or not, you can’t help but turn on the news to see the people of Mexico City and several here in our own United States with a mask on and who could blame them, right? I watched as they had the soccer teams play in the stadium in Mexico City with no fans allowed in. How strange it must have been for these world class players to be playing with no one there in person to watch them. And while that must be strange, stranger than that are the fact that they’re using infrared cameras in the airport to determine if people are sick. I guess if they have Swine Flu, they’ll have a fever and the cameras will let the officials know as the cameras read the people’s body temperatures or something. All too scary for me and it seems like something out of some futuristic movie or something.

More importantly people, I don’t think that the fact that these paper like masks go with simply everything. I think people need to be careful not to go with the whole rest of the look by wearing scrubs. We won’t know who just operated and who is just worried. I also don’t think you can do the whole head to toe fashionista bit and then add a mask. (Well maybe you could if you bedazzled the mask or something). Although I must say kudos to Sanjay Gupta for wearing a stunner of a green mask under his chin in a recent CNN appearance, it was more like teal and went great with his skin tone.

Look we’re living in some scary times. I don’t understand most of what’s going on between the financial collapse and now this whole flu thing but the one thing I can be assured of is that somewhere someone is going to blame this on the gays. It’s inevitable. I don’t know how many of you are aware that supposedly the gays caused 9/11, everything bad that has ever happened to any one, brought about the final days of the earth (which supposedly we are in at this very moment) and now no doubt the Swine Flu. So on behalf of all the gays I just want to say, “What are you fucking people nuts?” (No need to reply, that was rhetorical)

And while some may think that some of our stars of yesteryear are no longer relevant, Michael Jackson has stepped up to be the leader of the new order, the mask wearers. A man ahead of his time a man who perhaps knew more than any of us knew. Long before Swine Flu, long before its time, the man in the mirror knew something we all didn’t…I’m just not sure if it’s about wearing a mask or the fact that Diana was so dirty. Swine Flu mask anyone? Maybe Michael Jackson wasn’t so crazy? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • morrisonspeaks profile image

      morrisonspeaks 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this :)

      For all of you who are concerned about the spread of swine flu, I was able to find face (dust) masks at Home Depot. Drug Fair, Shop Rite& CVS were all sold out. Then it dawned on me to call a hardware store, since these masks are often used when wood working, and sure enough, right there in aisle 7 of my HD, in the paint section, were all types of masks.

      I bought some basic ones, and then a couple that allow for venting, which keeps one cooler, they say. While I don't tend to panic in these circumstances, I am a planner. So, IF I would need one of these, and any one of my friends or family need masks too, I have a supply. Presuming we all escape this viral strain, I'll use them while sanding my next project, or simply return them.

      I would advise calling any store you are intending to purchase masks from, as many are sold out, and you surely don't want to be wasting your two most valuable assets--time and health on dry runs. So, do your homework, and be prepared yet continue to live your lives.

      Good luck and great health to all of you!

      Ms. Morrison

    • Lifesrich profile image

      Lifesrich 8 years ago from Southern California

      FEAR.. that is all I hear coming out of the TV sets now a days. If it isn't Terrorist it's Swine Flu. Between the two lets not forget.. our borders. (snicker-snicker) Them darn Gays.. they are even to blame for the illegals. LOL... good Hub Scott.