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Swine flu is not dangerous if you live in the uk

Updated on October 19, 2012

My prognosis on swine flu

I am not actually saying that swine flu is not dangerous i am saying that at the moment no fatalaties have happend in the uk. There is one simple reason for this and it goes like this......!

1. United kingdom has access to tamiflu stocks to last half of the population and they are also getting in more stock.

2. The strain of flu in mexico seems to me that it may be a stronger type of flu and also mexico have not got much medicine to deal with this outbreak.

3. Since swine flu hit the head lines all people have done is panic, panic, and panic. Whats the point in panicking the people most at risk from swine flu is british citizens who have visited mexico and people who have had contact with these tourists.

4. At the moment the british government are distributing leaflets about how to stop the spread of flu. I have not personally received this letter yet but probably will do in the near future.

5. The simple thing to do if your worried is to avoid heavy public crowds and always wash your hands-simple hand hygeine gets rid of most germs-dont just wash with cold water though as this wont kill bugs.

6. This flu will most likely start to die out when summer hits and there is alot of scientists that reckon that it will come back in the winter but i doubt it i think it will be contained by then.

7. Do you remember when the bird flu outbreak happened yes so do i a pandemic never happened.

Anyway the reason that i think it is not dangerous for people in the uk is we have a very good NHS system and lots of decent medicine. Foreighn countries like mexico dont have very good hospitals and access to good medicine thats why they have had fatalaties. So stop panicking abot swine flu because if you do get it you are in safe hands as you live in the uk which has one of the best health services in the world. There may be more info on my page which you will find useful just browse around. Thanks for reading my hubpage.

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