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Swollen Toe

Updated on August 27, 2012

Popular Toe Conditions

Are you feeling discomfort in your toes? If so you will want to read the following article as we discuss many of the typical toe problems that you may encounter as well as home remedies to help you recover faster.

Swollen Toe Difficulties

A swollen toe is a natural body defence that involves a build up of fluids that get trapped under the skin resulting in inflammation. Toe inflammation can occur in one or a number of toes simultaneously from the results of a personal injury which include toe trauma, a cut, ingrown toenails as well as other related issues. The inflammation could be connected with bruising, itching sensation, soreness, redness, warmness, numbness and additionally tightness.

A swollen toe could in fact be caused due to personal injury from physical activities which include running alternatively it could possibly be an underlying condition. Sports activities such as exercising puts a considerable amount of tension on your foot, the repetitive pounding on solid terrain can cause swollen toes. Bruised as well as inflamed toes could possibly be eliminated by wearing the correct sized pair of shoes and additionally thick padded lined socks. Incorrect sized shoes could certainly constrict the circulation of blood to the feet and toes.

If our toes are swollen as a result exercising or perhaps many other linked sporting activities, a classic home remedy cure would be to utilize ice in a bag wrapped in a towel and apply it completely to the affected toe. Also it is good to keep the affected toe elevated to minimize the enlargement.

Numbness in Toes

The numbness found in your toes may possibly be an uncomplicated result of restrictive flow of blood to the feet as in your 'feet sleeping' or a more serious problem with your body system. More than likely the numbness will be caused due to too little blood flow to the toe that may be the result of too little circulation or perhaps dressing in the unsuitable sized shoes and boots. If you are encountering numbness in the feet then make an attempt moving ones own location and the numbness may in due course fade away as the blood starts to flow again.

A very common causes of numbness in the toes is from buying the incorrect sized shoes or boots, specifically during exercise when our foot tends to swell. When purchasing a pair of outdoor camping or jogging shoes seek the advice of a well known store that is able to give advice to the best shoe for the activity you will need. Ones own good posture can even cause numbness in feet.

Common Toe Problems Summary

Eliminating is paramount to avoid future toe difficulties such as wearing protective shoes at your job and additionally putting on the proper sized shoes or boots.

Most commonly encountered toe problems might possibly be healed at home even so it may well be important to try to get medical care from a medical expert the moment the trauma becomes more painful. Be safe and get your toe checked out by your doctor or health professional.


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    • Aisla profile image

      Carolyn Mikkelsen 5 years ago from Norway

      Hi Sarah

      Welcome to Hubpages.

      I read your hub and glad that you also linked this to the article you were writing about.

      It is very important to mention that when icing an injured area that you place the ice bag or even a frozen bag of peas into a tea towel or cloth.

      If you place a bag of ice directly on to the injured area you can cause freezing injuries which will only add to the misery.

      Otherwise, glad to see others writing about the good old foot!

      Keep up the good work.


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