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Symbols of Happiness

Updated on May 15, 2017
A symbol of Happiness a smiley face flag
A symbol of Happiness a smiley face flag

Symbols of Happiness

Symbols of Happiness can come in limitless forms. What are the symbols of happiness if we are all different? Depending on the person and what they feel makes them happy is what a symbol of happiness is to them. If you ask people what their symbols of happiness are they will say different things.Nobody is the same which means their views on happiness aren't the same. Symbols of happiness can be colors of spring, hearing birds chirping, from a smiley face to flowers etc.

Happiness is more of a feeling than a symbol but there are limitless things that can be used to symbolize it. These are just my views of what symbols of happiness can be. Everyone has their own views of what symbolizes their happiness because each person's happiness is different. We are not always going to be happy for the same reasons.

Symbols of happiness are not always easy to pick out when you are talking to someone or looking at something. This is because symbols of happiness are what our brain tells us they are. If our brain tells our mouths to smile they will do that. If we are standing in front of a plant and smiling then our brain has told our bodies that the plant we are standing in front of is something that makes us happy.

Anything and everything that makes us smile are sometimes things that can make us happy. Which means there are limitless things that make us happy, it is whatever our brain tells our bodies that whatever it is we are looking at is meant to make us happy. I am sure that nobody has thought of happiness in those terms before because I know that I haven't but now I will look at happiness in a new way.

Happiness is what brightens up our lives. Happiness can be anything that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside which is what brightens up our lives. Happiness can be limitless because it can last for long periods of time, or short periods of time depending on what is making us happy at the time.

There are limitless things that can be considered symbols of happiness depending on the person you ask. Whatever a person likes can be a symbol of happiness in their eyes, and we might not all have the same ones. Since everyone is different that means our symbols of happiness are going to be different too. An example of some symbols of happiness are being out in nature or a good book, or it could be hanging out with people or shopping. These are just a few ideas of what symbols of happiness can be.

Symbols of happiness can be limitless because there is always going to be things that represent happiness for each person in the world. They will never go away, which is why symbols of happiness will never go away and be limitless forever. When someone thinks of symbols of happiness in their lives they come up with a limitless amount of them depending on what they are doing at the time, or at least that is what I like to think.

Symbols of happiness, in my mind, are bright colours, outdoor flowers, a pretty beach. Things like that are symbols of happiness in my eyes, however, there are limitlessly more those are just a few. When people think of symbols of happiness, I wouldn't doubt that they don't think of bright colours, because all bright colours put smiles on people's faces. At least they do to me, what do bright colours do for you in terms of happiness?

Even though happiness is more of feeling than anything else there are still things that symbolise happiness which I have listed already. Symbols of happiness can be anything that anyone deems brings them happiness, which is why the list can be limitless. It is also why everyone version of symbols of happiness is different.

Most poeple think of a smiley face as being the most common form of a symbol of happiness, what about a smiling face or something brightly coloured? that is what I look for when I look for symbols of happiness, not so much the smiling face becasue that is just so common I like to bet the type of person who tries to limitlessly go outside the box.

what I consider to be a symbol of happiness
what I consider to be a symbol of happiness

Symbols Of Happiness

People might think that hiking or walking through a meadow of flowers will bring them happiness, or is their symbol of happiness. That is fine, considering everyone is different so yes there symbols of happiness are going to be different. That is why symbols of happiness are a number of different things, for example, flowers and outdoor things. Sure that brings happiness if people like to be outside but if you don’t that wouldn’t bring you happiness. Symbols of happiness can be anything like seeing buds on the trees or seeing a butterfly. Even seeing the sun shining can be a symbol of happiness. It can be different for everyone.

For myself, happiness is getting a lot of work done and seeing things completed rather than seeing things half finished brings me happiness. Seeing the finished product in front of me, and knowing that I did my best is what brings me happiness. For example finishing a book and closing it for the last time and putting it away brings me happiness, and hitting the publish button for one of my blog posts that I have spent limitless hours on brings me happiness, Anything and everything in the world can bring people limitless happiness because we are all different which mean our symbols of what makes us happy and what we believe to be symbols of happiness are limitlessly different.

What are your symbols of happiness? They can be a limitless number of things that people enjoy or that brings people joy. Nobody really knows what another person's symbol of happiness is because we all have different ones and they are always changing with our moods and what we do in our lives. At least that is what I like to think when something that used to make me happy doesn't anymore. Some things can make you happy one minute and sad the next because of what they symbolize which is why symbols of happiness change with our moods for the most part.

A Happy Face a symbol of Happiness
A Happy Face a symbol of Happiness

Happiness and its limitlessness

Happiness can be limitless because there are so many things that can symbolize it depending on who you ask. There are limitless ways to show to one another that you are happy which is what makes it limitless. Happiness will always be limitless because it will always be there and there will always be things in the world that make people happy. They might not all be the same thing but that is okay if something makes someone happy and not another person it means that we are all different and unique.

What do you think symbolizes happiness? Let's Discuss

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