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Symptoms and Treatments for Crohn's Disease

Updated on September 22, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

Crohn's Disease Is Extremely Difficult to Cure!

With Crohn's Disease Your Stomach is Greatly Affected.
With Crohn's Disease Your Stomach is Greatly Affected. | Source

Crohn's Disease Symptoms Will Erode Your Digestive Tract

Crohn's disease will aggressively erode your digestive tract, intestines and cause severe inflammatory bowel discomfort with dramatic weight loss. The conventional medical community declares there is no cure, only treatment to keep its symptoms in remission!

Naturopaths and Holistic doctors have found a superior way to heal Crohn's disease through diet and non-evasive procedures. You'll be amazed at the results with new found comfort in enjoying your three square meals.

Crohn's Disease Creates Sores and Ulcers in Your Stomach

Crohn's disease is an autoimmune disease that can develop when you have an inflammatory bowel disorder. It causes horrible cramping, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding; loss of appetite and drastic weight loss with astounding nutritional deficiencies.

It also produces tunnels or scars called fistulas and abscesses that narrow the passageway of your intestines. It creates sores, and ulcers that breakthrough to the surrounding tissues. It can affect your entire digestive tract from the mouth to the anus by the presence of bacteria, or viruses that provoke a vicious cycle within your immune system. Your immune system learns to attack itself and literally starts a degenerative process that likely prevents you from living a carefree life

Typical Doctor's Reduce Inflammation with Medications

Conventional doctors use various medications for a Crohn's treatment to reduce inflammation; except, surgery is at times required. Crohn's disease is difficult to diagnose since its symptoms mimic ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Crohn's disease left untreated will seriously threaten your life, and dramatically increase your risk of developing stomach cancer. Perhaps, you'll visit the bathroom more than eleven times a day from bouts of diarrhea. You'll suffer from chronic fatigue and arthritis pain, and hair loss.

Sadly, the modern medical community has stated there is no cure for this ghastly disease. The doctors can only treat the pain associated with your digestive Crohn's ailment to reduce symptoms.

The conventional medical establishments’ best goals for Crohn’s disease treatment are to control inflammation with drugs. Steroids, antibiotics and prednisone medications depress the immune system even more. Doctors may try to relieve symptoms and correct nutritional deficiencies with mega doses of vitamin therapy.

Getting enough sunshine to increase your vitamin D intake greatly helps Crohn's complications.

Below is a video segment of Crohn’s disease for your education, how it’s diagnosed and treated by the medical establishment. Please keep in mind that you do have a choice in your treatment.

Endoscopy Diagnosis' Severity of Crohn's Disease

You Can Heal Crohn's Ailments with Certain Foods

Dr. Jordan S. Rubin, a guru natural path has found an effective cure that not only puts Crohn's disease in remission; it heals the digestive tract from the inside out, without the use of potent side-effect producing medications. He guides you into utterly curing it. You must take proper care of yourself by eating healthy, and be checking your stools for rectal bleeding on a daily basis.

Doctor Jordan S. Rubin Stresses the Fact of Eating a Primitive Diet. Doing So Will Drastically Help to Alleviate and Control Your Crohn’s Disease!

Avoid and Eat Foods Listed Below to Help Your Crohn's Disease

  • You must eliminate all dairies, fish, and pickled cabbage, sausage and yeast products, including cheese, sugar, and yogurt from your diet. This will reduce your Crohn's disease symptoms and put it in remission.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, soda, chocolate, corn, nuts, popcorn, eggs, and fried, spicy and greasy foods, including margarine, white flour, tobacco, artificial ingredients, refined carbohydrates, and preservatives. These foods are difficult to digest. The lighter you eat the better you'll feel.
  • Drink plenty of liquids, herbal teas, and fresh juices such as Aloe Vera and cabbage with rose hips, Yerba mate and Echinacea.
  • Eat fermented vegetables to repopulate the good bacteria in your gut. Steroids, antibiotics, and prednisone will damage your gut lining.
  • Fermented coconut water contains heaps of probiotic critters that extract the nutrition in food so you can easily absorb them in your blood.
  • Prepare vegetable smoothies at least 3 times a day and drink until satisfied. Consume foods that are easy to digest like fruit since it contains heaps of fiber and vitamins your digestive track can quickly digest.

Eating in this manner will help you to recover from a dreadful Crohn's disease attack; except, it's important to consult a Naturalist doctor for a complete macrobiotics diet follow-up. He can prescribe an adequate probiotic treatment that will help digest your meals.

Dr. Rubin Suffered with Crohn's Disease and Was Healed

Alas, Dr. Rubin suffered from Crohn's disease in college: it nearly cost him his life. He shrewdly cured his digestive and bowel ailment using organic probiotic products, medicinal mushroom therapy and dramatically altered his daily diet. You can read all about his recovery from Crohn's disease in his amazing book, “Patient Heal Thyself.”

Solutions to Curing Crohn's Disease Naturally

Managing Crohn's Disease

Is Your Crohn's Disease in Remission?

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You must not rely on the information in this article as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other competent healthcare providers. If you have any specific questions about any curative matter, you should consult your doctor or another professional healthcare provider. If you think, you are suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.

  • You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information in this article.

© 2013 Sheila Craan


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  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 5 years ago from Florida

    Thank you John! Your friend must remember not ever to go back to his former eating habits, because his Crohn's disease for sure will flare up again. Please, tell him about Dr. Jordan S. Rubin's book, "Restoring Your Digestive Health," and about his Garden of Life, whole food supplements. Furthermore, make sure he receives treatment by a qualified holistic doctor.

  • john000 profile image

    John R Wilsdon 5 years ago from Superior, Arizona

    It is always interesting to read of a successful alternative treatment, especially if it affects Crohn's disease. I have a friend who tries to have coffee with a former colleague at least once a week. Getting prepared for an outing like that is quite an ordeal for the sufferer. I shall forward this hub to him in hopes that it is useful. I vote this hub up.