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Recognizing Bipolar Disorder With Information On True Hope's Empower Plus

Updated on March 6, 2012

Is It Bipolar? What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

Is It Bipolar? What are the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder? This hub will help us to recognize bipolar disorder with information about True Hope's Empower plus vitamins which claim to help with the disease?

What is it about our personalities that makes us who we are? Why are some people so calm while others so high strung? Why does life and situations seems so easy for some and so very difficult for others? Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out just whats going on with a person who exhibits symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Did you know that Bipolar Could be recognized from an early age. But is it truly Bipolar or some other behavioral disorder. Usually after several different diagnosis, one suspects that it is possible that some type of Bipolar Disorder has played a part in a persons life.

Episodes can start at a very young age. Not so much behavior necessarily but it may be extreme sensitivity to certain things touching his skin or restlessness. Examples of this may be that certain clothing upon the persons skin would be so uncomfortable that even toddlers refuse to wear it. Certain children may refuse to keep a coat and refuse to be strapped into a car seat. It could be 0 degrees outside but the coat will not stay on if there's is any possible way it can come off. It may seem like a child is just being stubborn but each of these symptoms may play a part in a behavioral pattern that sometimes continues. I have questioned several times over the years what are the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

True Hope's Empower Plus

Behavioral Episodes Through Adolescents

Usually very, very smart and happy as babies, it becomes more apparent as a toddler that there may be a problem. More than the refusal to wear certain things, a child may begin to struggle with having frustrations and develop a temper when things do not go right. The demands become greater and greater to the point where a parent may just think they have a very strong willed child. As the child gets older, it may become more severe. Many times its sometime during the childhood years where parents may begin to realize that some of these behaviors are not quite right. When severe temper tantrums begin along with disruptions in school, it may be time to see a counselor.

Behavioral Disorder Medications

A child may eventually be prescribed medication for a behavioral disorders which many doctors have a very hard time putting there finger on.. The child will usually be diagnosed with ADHD or ADD first.

Often times children with these types of disorders are so very bright, artistic and creative and athletic that it is sometimes hard to see what's happening. When they excell at so many things its so hard to see that on the one hand they are far above and beyond some of the others their own age but on the other hand emotionally, they struggle. Strenuous physical activity is very good for individuals who have a hard time handling frustration but an organized, competetive atmosphere can be very difficult.

Getting into trouble at school because of being very impulsive is almost always a sign of lack of self control and lack of impulse control. Students will not always think before saying or doing something. Many times this is why children are medicated to help alleviate that problem so that learning can take place.


Children who have this problem are usually experts at manipulating others. Parents and teachers fall in the category of those being manipulated and the child does it for his own needs. On the one hand a child with a behavior disorder is very compassionate and loving, but very selfish and wanting control on the other. The mixed messages received by adults is confusing.

Argumentative children can bring adults to their wits ends. This causes even more stress in the child's life when the reaction of the adults is argumentative back. Best thing to do is to take yourself and the child out of the conflict and deal with it later when all are calm. Arguing with the child gives him the message that he wins. Being calm and dealing with it in an adult manner in the long term gives you the upper hand and the child what he needs, to learn self control.

A Long Road

After several years of problems, consequenses, doctors visits and counseling, a person with a behavioral disorder or bipolar disorder may get his/her problems under control most likely with medication but sometimes with natural remedies. The problem along the way is trying to figure out the true diagnosis of the problem. Is it ADHD, Is it Bipolar Disorder, or is it just the way we are wired?

All along. if things don't seem right and seem really wrong, seek help and don't stop until you're satisfied with the outcome.

Is it Bipolar? Can a doctor truly determine if a person really has it. Could it be Oppositional Defiant disorder, ADD and ADHD Mood Disorder or Anxiety? What are the symptoms of each of these. What are the symptoms of Bipolar disorder? There are many symptoms for these behavior disorders that are so similar.

For families with these dificulties, it's very hard to muttle through.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolor Symptoms or Not

I have seen all of the following symptoms throughout the years and probably even more that I've forgotten to mention but:


Obsessive behaviors




Excessive Talking

Unbelievable Creativity

Excessive sleep






Bipolar - A Disability Like No Other Disability

Bipolar is a disability like no other disability because people who have this condition can look perfectly normal. The problem is that when left untreated, the symptoms can be so severe that the persons life can easily spin out of control. This will often times affect others who are close to the person with bipolar. Sometimes, the symptoms may include serious consequences such as hospitalization, loss of a job, severe relationship strain, possibly even jail and even other undesirable consequences.

There are some people who have such severe cases that they collect disability as a form of income. The person does not always look different and sometimes to talk to the person, one may not even know that they were bipolar but is is definitely there. that is why this is a disability like no other.

Helpful Information for Bipolar Disorder

I ran across a website explaining that there are vitamins and minerals that may help those individuals with bipolar disorder.  Helpful information for Bipolar disorder is always being searched for by those people who deal with people with this problem. 

A company called True Hope has developed a supplement called Empower Plus.  This supplement has had some fantastic reviews from those suffering with this illness.  It is believed that many people who suffer from Bipolar, do not absorb vitamins and minerals as well as others and benefit greatly from supplements.

Other helpful remedies may include fish oil.  Omega Brite strength give fantastic results. 

Meditation can also be helpful to relax the person who suffers from Bipolar disorder. 


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