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Synchronicity Guides Us to Better Health

Updated on May 15, 2010
Photo by Mary Soliel
Photo by Mary Soliel

An Australian magazine, Good Health, recently interviewed me for an article on synchronicity. Because it was a health magazine, I wanted to make particular mention that signs can guide us toward maintaining good health. I proceeded to give an example of a situation that could occur, describing something like this:

Let’s say you’re at a restaurant and order a soda and when you taste it, there is no syrup and just the carbonated water. What might that say, right? And if you ignore the sign, and then a couple days later you go to the self-serve soda station and your favorite soda doesn’t dispense, perhaps you need to listen to the signs, that your body may not want the soda.

Well the writer of this article was later transcribing this very part of the interview. Right after I mentioned this part about health synchronicities and described the soda example, she stopped the tape and headed out to purchase her lunch. The restaurant got her food order totally mixed up and she ended up with an ultra healthy plate of steamed vegetables! She said it was probably just what she needed.

About three weeks later, my son and I went to get carryout at his favorite restaurant. My kids rarely drink soda, thank goodness, but because this restaurant offers free soda to students, my son accepted a cup. He went to the soda dispenser and the soda did not dispense. Neither did the next one, or the next one, and as it turned out, none of them worked. I was observing this from a distance with a huge smile on my face. He knew this was synchronicity showing him to avoid the soda, so he didn’t push it by getting someone to fix it, and just immediately walked out with me. I was so proud of him! Here, this was simply an example I made up in my mind but it actually came true! And he got it!

So were our wonderful angels behind these experiences, or do I chalk it up to miraculous synchronicity? I cannot answer that question for sure but I do know that these occurrences were real and powerful and gave a most validating message. So it doesn't really matter in the end. In my heart I feel the truth of the messages that the Universe and our angels bring, and that is, ultimately, what is important.

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