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Systemic Yeast Infection - What Is It

Updated on March 26, 2012

What You Need To Know About Systemic Yeast Infection

Are you one of these people that are constantly plagued by a yeast infection and are you wondering about Systemic Yeast Infection. This is why I’m making this Hub.

For years I have suffered from a yeast infection. I did not even know that my symptoms where were signs of Candidiasis. (Systemic Yeast Infection) It reached a stage where I could hardly function any more and doctors, family and friends were convinced I’m a hypochondriac.

Although the term is not really used any more, in the seventies it was called “Yuppie Flu.” And most people believed it to be imagined.

I do not want other to suffer so needlessly, so in this Hub I’m going to try and make you aware of the symptoms and make a few suggestions on how to get rid of it. And you will see that I feel a Natural Cure for Yeast Infection is the best.

What Are The Symptoms Of Systemic Yeast Infection?

First, here is a short definition of System Yeast Infections:

Systemic yeast is a system-wide infection or overgrowth of the Candida (yeast) fungus throughout the body.

An overgrowth is simply that the fungus has grown too much. The Candida fungus in present in our intestines all the time and it fights some bacteria that can make us very ill. So, it is only when there is and overgrowth that it becomes a problem and we get a yeast infection.

So, what I’m trying to say is: the infection is in all your organs, bones and muscles.

I think a good place to start is a list of the Candidiasis symptoms and signs:

First of course there are all the well know symptoms of a yeast infection such as the burning and itching that drives you up the wall. There may also be a papery discharge and even a bad smell.

Now for the other signs and symptoms of systemic yeast infections that you may not even know about at all:

1. A general “lousy” feeling all over in spite of all kinds of treatment

2. The cause of this rotten feeling cannot be determined

3. You have had a course of antibiotics or even a few courses

4. A subconscious preference for foods and drinks made with yeast, such as bread, beer, wine and cheese

5. A constant craving for sweets or other kinds of sugary foods

6. Very strong carbohydrate cravings

7. After eating these foods that you crave, you feel better for a little while and then you feel even worse

8. In spite of a negative diagnosis for hypoglycemia you still feel that you suffer from low blood sugar with the following symptoms:

           * Fatigue

           * Sudden hunger

           * Weakness

           * Trembling

           * Lethargy

           * A drowsy mental state

           * Headaches

           * Cold sweats

           * Dizziness

           * Rapid heartbeat

           * Numbness

           * Irritability

           * Blurred vision …to name but few

9. You use alcohol, especially beer and wine, often

10. You take birth control pills

11. You are constantly plagued by abdominal pains

12. PMS

13. Persistent athlete’s foot

14. Fungus infections of toenails and fingernails

15. You feel even more tired on damp days and around moldy places

16. Depression

17. Low immune system as seen by constant illnesses

18. Constant skin problems

19. Food allergies

20 Muscle weaknesses

What To Do About Systemic Yeast Infection:

Here we cannot get away from the fact that you have to take a holistic approach. You need to treat the yeast by changing your lifestyle and diet habits. It may also be a good idea to take nutritional supplements such as probiotics.

As you can see from the list of signs and symptoms above, there are certain foods and drinks you will have to stay away from. Basically you need to stop eating any food that contains yeast. The exception here is yogurt that actually helps you to get rid of a yeast infection.

So stay away from: * Bread and all refined wheat products

* Cheese

* Mushrooms

* Dried fruit

* Sugary foods and sweets

* Alcohol

Make sure you eat enough vegetables as you need to build up your immune system. Get enough rest for the same reason. If at all possible, try and stay away from all stress. (I know that is not always possible!)

In the end, you have to adopt a healthier lifestyle if you want to get rid of your Yeast Infection.

Ok, So What Do You Think Of My Hub?

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    • profile image

      barbara 7 years ago

      thank you for writting this,I just found this and I hope I can get some relief,I've had these same symptons for years,didn't know why,doctors thought I was crazy when i mentioned the food cravings,I would love to feel normal again,but knowing i'm not crazy is already a big help. thanks again

    • profile image

      bindu 7 years ago

      so did u get rid of ur systemic yeast long did it take..

    • profile image

      yuppie flu 7 years ago

      Yuppie Flu is also a name of what Chronic Fatigue syndrome is called. Yeast Infection or Candita infection is often one of the things listed as a possible cause for CFS in some of the literature you read.