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Updated on August 1, 2011


Last week, as reported in my last Hub, I visited the Cancer Consultant, Dr Cervi, at Hospital. Following the consultations, he documents his findings and opinion to my GP and a copy is sent to me as part of normal procedure. On this occasion I would like to share the report with readers as it itemises both my condition and the Treatment stages undertaken Below is a slightly annoted copy of the full report which I think will provide interesting reading and it also contains, where I thought it worthwhile to do so, information and explanation of some of the Medical Terminology used.

DIAGNOSIS.T-Cell Non Hodgkin"s Lymphoma- with a background of coeliac disease- Stage 4B with bone marrow infiltration, treated with 8 cycles of CHOP Chemotherapy from August 2010 to January 2011 ,plus 4 cycles of Intrathecal Chemotherapy.

Very good response on PET CT {SCAN} after 2 cycles of CHOP.PET negative after 4 cycles of Chemotherapy and PET negative after 6 courses of CHOP Chemotherapy {DECEMBER 3rd 2010.


Patient unerwent a laporoptomy {this is an exploratory operation through an incision in the abdominal wall} with an anastomosis{ this is a surgical connection btween tubular structures, eg. blood vessels or loop in intestine for a small bowel perforation. The distal duodenal and resection was sent for Histology which revealed enteropathy-associated T-Cell Non Hodgkin"s Lymphoma prior to the diagnosis.{ enteropathy associated T-Cell is a type of T-Cell Lymphoma that affects the small intestine arising from T-Cellc found between the cells that line the small intestine. This is often, as for sure in my case, of prolonged untreated, my own fault by the way, coelliac disease}.

Blood Results. Hb 14.5. WCC 8.9 PLATELETS286 LDH 329.

The report then proceeds to discuss the review held on 21 July 2011. Dr Crevi adsises that I had improved dramatically over the past few months and refers to my personal exercise programme in favourable terms, concluding that at 12 st 7lbs , my weight has stabilised and there are no B symptoms, no abdominal symptoms and no recurrence of adenopathy{this is also called lymphadenopathy which refers to the enlargement of the lymph nodes. These can most easily be detected in the groin,neck,armpit,under the jaw and behind the ears and should be examined prsonally and regularly for the development of any lumps which can signal a potential problem}

He concludes that I remain in remission and should continue on my gluten free diet and will be further reviewed in 3 months time. I can also receive the usual seasonal vaccines. Flu Jab in October then!

A succinct but comprehensive report from a consumate professional.


A couple or so years ago, in line with my age, I was offered the opportunity to take part in the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme offered by the NHS. Bowel Cancer Incidence increases with age and though this was well before my Lymphoma, I regarded it as a no brainer to take part. In due course a Test Kit arrived so I could do the necessary in the privacy of home. Essntially, this involves on 3 seperate days, scraping a little piece of solid waste on to a designated space on a prepared card and covering with the affixed tag to complete the operation. At the end of the three samples collection, the unit is placed into a provided sealed bag and returned to the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. There, the samples are analysed for details of what is contained therein and to see if any blood or other unwanted signs appear.

Finally, the participant receives, quite quickly, a letter telling if any further action is proposed or whether things are as normal. I am delighted to say that I did my second test, taken 2 years after the first, a couple of weeks ago and was returned normal results this week. I will now be eligible to repeat in 2 years time and by request 2 years after that. Unbelievably, there are many who ignore the test. A member of our family, supposedly intelligent, refuses on the grounds that he would prefer not to know if he had a problem. Not only Ostriches prefer to bury their head in the sand it seems..Now if only there had been a T-Cell Screening Test, I could have saved myself and family a lot of worry over the past year.

Cancer, in whatever form is serious, but if found and treated early enough, need not be terminal and it is important everyone understands that and thus gives themselves and the Medical Teams, the best possible chance of overcoming it.


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