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Teen Mom

Updated on October 23, 2013

The shows mission

The show Teen mom is a show centered around teens that are pregnant. It shows the ups and down of what teen pregnancy can do to a family as well as personal relationships, when your not ready for a child. The show was made to help stop the rise of teen pregnancy, and to show young girls and boys the hardships of having children young. But i'm not convinced this show is helping.

As the viewer

As i sit and watch the show the only only thing i can think of is how unrealistic this show is. For instance the girls on the show just go out and get these beautiful homes so easily. They make it seem like you can just go look at any home that's out of your price range, and its yours. Realistically most teens don't even have a job. And if they do not a well paying job that can pay for rent and other miscellaneous necessities. This is sending young girls the wrong message.



Another thing that's unrealistic is that these girls make it seem like there will be someone there to watch your child whenever they feel like they wanna go out. Once the cameras are cut off and everyone comes back to earth even grownups no its not the easiest thing to find a sitter. A few of the girls on there made it seem as if there parents were obligated to watch there children, because they wanted to spend time with their friends. Talk about false advertisement.


Another thing these girls who should not be having sex anyway, are not practicing safe sexual practices. Many of them at one point and time are left wondering are they pregnant again. For some of them this is the case. These young girls are making grown up decisions, wqithout grownup resources. What are they thinking?

Take at a look at self destruction itself

As you can see in the video Leah Messer has not learned her lesson from having the first two children that she had. She purposely had her 3rd child at the age of 20. She's a terrible role model for little girls who look up to her and watch the show. On another note Leah's 3rd baby is by her 2nd husband. Lets not forget shes only 20. Is this what we want young children to see?


Overall this show i'm sure was made to give insight to young people on making good decisions, and waiting to have babies until their older. I just believe in a way it did the exact opposite. Teenage girls need there parents to tell them these things, and let teens know the reality of having a baby. I believe enlightenment starts at home. So as parents a lot of this starts at home, this is not to say that teens won't get pregnant. But there's a better chance that there parents knowledge will hit home better then an unrealistic TV show.

*In Addition*

I do want to make it clear that it is nothing personal against the girls from this show. Nor am i here to bash them. I do want to acknowledge that most of them stepped up to the plate and are raising there kids. There doing a great job with the odds stacked against them. As the seasons passed most of them have went back to school and are progressing. There are a few of them that have made more poor decisions that have led to things that they couldn't imagine for ex: drugs,jail,porn and more pregnancy. But overall they most of them have done a great job.

One more thing

I just want to point out something about the relationships on this show. This is probably the most realistic thing on the show. Before the baby comes both teens are so excited about having a baby. And when the baby comes the relationship comes to shambles. In fact none of the girls on the show are with the guys they had there baby with. So teens you really stop and think about how hard it is to do it on there own. This will relieve a lot of pain and heartache in the future.

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