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Importance of yoga in our lives.

Updated on February 7, 2016

Many people think that yoga is just a mathematical exercise, but it is much more than that, being a benefit the body and mind together, Valeuja far exceed the ability to bend the back flexibly or to take positions is difficult for the average person to do that involves three important elements of not less than the value of one from the other: the mental exercises, meditation exercises, and of course physical exercise.
And yoga not only helps to strengthen the individual's muscle and increase agility, but also working to improve mental performance and ability to focus as the individual also help in daily life, where he learned the commitment in his appointments and functions, and the yoga works to reduce tension with the trainee and improve his mood and psychological, and give it a feeling of happiness and activity and optimism.
Yoga works to strengthen the entire body rather than focusing on a specific group of muscles, Valeuja using the whole body as a single entity to achieve the so-called balance of power has, exercises yoga and various Odayatea well as working to increase the agility of the individual and the flexibility of its members and its joints and muscles.
Yoga practitioner will find that any exercise is next to his performance impact on his body, also it includes a mental component to benefit its mind where yoga is working on improving the functionality of the mind and increase the practitioner's awareness of being Turkazah develop the capabilities of the player and learned commitment and discipline. The importance of yoga for the body. Yoga regulate the process of breathing exercises. Strengthen awareness and focus development . Ease pain. During the day a tiger with many pressures, whether at work or at home and through the practice of yoga exercises can get rid of the tension and access to state of lucidity and inner purity, and therefore we feel the stability of my body and myself by controlling emotions and inner feelings we Nhrkha we become and not vice versa, and we begin to enforce better control of the mind and the soul to get rid of tension . Yoga to get rid of depression . Yoga improves the state of mental and physical human together very useful for depressed patients in the long term, where said research in this area that yoga Assistant healing factor of depression With the breathing and improve the functions of the body and the muscles and change the daily pattern of life is adjusting brain chemistry best way to rein in soothe your body and your mind just now beginning, even if for 5 minutes a day to exercise Start yoga exercises and you will feel better day after day .

Mental benefits:
1. increase the physical and mental awareness.
2. modulate mood and reduce stress and depression.
3. reduce aggressive.
4. working to increase the optimization of memory concentration.
5. helps to increase self-accepting.
6. help to better sleep through milk.


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