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Updated on June 14, 2015

If this is true, those strict diets to control cholesterol, will be history

Growing older with a healthy heart, is almost a myth on these days. Most us over 50's either have already had a heart attack, is suffering of some type of coronary disease, or are being treated for any other health condition including diabetes, arteriosclerosis, etc. There is no doubt that most of these health problems were silently developing through the years, mostly due to a lifetime of inadequate diets, smoking, alcohol problems, family inheritance, and other factors.

This article is not really to let you know what you did wrong or not, your doctor would be the one to tell you why now, you are limited to eat only certain foods, and why at your age, you need to take care of yourself more than ever.

For years, cholesterol has been identified as the leading cause of heart attacks. And for years, doctors have recommended a strict diet, to control “this villain” from building up in your arteries walls, eventually blocking the blood stream to your heart, causing a heart failure.

An appropriate diet, they say, is crucial to low the levels of cholesterol to prevent heart attacks. However, not too long ago I came across an article about a heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell, whose theory states that: "Medicine has wrongfully lead heart disease to cholesterol for years".

One of the most interesting lines I read was: “The discovery a few years ago that inflammation in the artery walls, is the real cause of heart disease, is slowly leading to a paradigm shift, in how heart disease and other chronic ailments will be treated”.

His explanation is that, contrary to what we have always been told: following a diet that is low in fat and high in polyunsaturated fats and carbohydrates, is the wrong thing to do to prevent a heart attack. Instead, we are gradually injuring our blood vessels, causing a serious inflammation of the arteries' walls.

According to studies the main reason why so many doctors prescribe aspirin to prevent heart attacks, is precisely because the aspirin's possess anti-inflammatory properties. The question is, if medicine knew that inflammation is present when dealing with heart attacks, why blaming it all on cholesterol?

Laboratories have made an unbelievable profit through the years, with medicines to control cholesterol, as well as all those top producers of polyunsaturated fats (such as corn, sunflower, soybean, and all the oils we usually think as “healthy”) like Monsanto corporation for example.

There is got to be some truth in these new findings or the According to the American Heart Association's statistics wouldn't be so high. They stated that: “More than 75 million of Americans continue to suffer from heart disease”, despite the strict diet and medicine prescribed to them. It also shows that: “20 millions of Americans suffer from diabetes, and 57 from pre diabetes today.”

And according the patients are younger and younger every year.


Genetic modified organisms is a mutation of the crops, which is proven to be unhealthy and one of the leading causes of cancer, worldwide.

“You are what you eat” is a very common line when we talk about health.

The question is: Do we know what we eat, really? Start checking labels, avoid everything which might indicated the presence of GMO (Genetic modified organisms).

Some of these products are made out of polyunsaturated fats, such as corn, soybeans, and sunflower oils, and most of the grains used to manufacture carbohydrates such as bread, and other derivatives, have been mutated as well. Fruits, vegetables, and most of the foods we have been recommended to eat for a healthy heart, have been fertilized with products which alter their genetic.

Let's remember that:: “Without the inflammation on the arteries' walls, the cholesterol wouldn't be trapped, instead it would travel freely through our body, lubricating, instead of blocking”. Does this make sense? It does to me!

In other words the first step is to control the inflammation caused by the wrong diet. For years, the consumption of polyunsaturated oils, and carbohydrates were present on the recommended diet against cholesterol, however this has been proven to be inaccurate, and the cause for the increase of diabetes in this country.

Our body is design to react against invaders such as toxins. Whenever we consume foods which injure our blood vessels (polyunsaturated oils and carbohydrates) it causes inflammation, which becomes chronic with time.

These products are rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, which are not necessary to a point, for the good performance of our system. However, the problem consists when there is an imbalance between Omega 6 (pro-inflammatory), and Omega 3 (anti-inflammatory), which usually translates into health problems: cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, just to name a few. It all make sense!

Let's compare our arteries to the water pipes which run underground. When it is below freeze, it is recommended to leave a running an outside faucet overnight, in order to avoid the rupture of the pipes. The same way, cholesterol is to a point, necessary to lubricate the arteries. However, if there is an inflammation already, the cholesterol won't be able to flow, instead it will be trapped, blocking the arteries. Is the solution changingthe our diet, avoiding the products mentioned above? Well, if this is to cure the inflammation, reducing hear attacks, then I'm willing to try!


At this point you are facing a two way road: either you continue following your diet rich on polyunsaturated fat, and carbohydrates, or you change your life forever. It is up to you! Dr. Lundell has been "crucified" by the medical field, and although I never put my hand in the fire for nobody, it just makes me wonder, why a well known surgeon, with such a respectable career would just start a conmotion this big, to the point of risking his license and reputation when he is about to retire? In the other hand, I also wonder why everytime someone has the guts to discover something which could mean the cure for so many diseases, such as diabetes or cancer, or a natural way to treat other medical problems, doctors and laboratories start attacking that professional's reputation. The truth is that It is not convenient for them to recognize these kind of theories as facts, because there is too much to lose for them. I would say maybe we ought to do our own research. After all, isn't our health the one on jeopardy? So, is it really worth to dig deeper on these researches, or we just let it go? I believe this is the time to make a decision, remember, your heart won't wait!


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