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Updated on May 11, 2010

Losing an eyesight is like losing half of your life. The hardest thing in life is knowing of having no eyesight. You can no longer see the wonderful views in your surrounding. the beauty of the environment, the face of your loved ones. You are now relying to use your hand to touch for something in order for you to picture what's outside in the darkness of your world. You don't even know the hours, the early morning sun, the light of dawn that slowly envelope the approaching night. Your world was empty. The emptiness panic you.Too much was lacking for you to complete because the eyes that give you lights was taken from you. You cried but your tears can never help you. You sometimes lost faith on everything.

You lost your eyesight in the prime of your life because you did not care to protect your eyes. You abused the only gift that the nature had given you. You failed to understand how important having a perfect eyes. Now that it leaved you, you slowly understand its values. How did it started?

It happened when you over-use your eye muscles. Focusing too long in one direction intently will cause the muscle to strain. Eyestrain is mostly taken during the concentration of reading, too much exposure to the glare in your computer, seeing the TV screen for a longer period of time where the inner eye muscles tightened, dry, irritated and hurt, or in the exercise of your profession as welder without using any shade during your working hours, or any other risky job where the eyes is in the front line to be damaged.

After the end of the day when your eyes was very tired, you take shower at home to cool it off.You started using eyeglasses to correct your vision. You replaced your eyeglasses often when you felt that your focus become blurred and dimly. It hurts your eyes when a direct light hit you directly. The pain was deep that brought you a headache.

You are worried of all indication of the worsening situation of your vision. Your optometrist gives you advise to take your rest from the exposure of too much light where your eyes started to reddened and painful. Even if you do, you will not follow most of the time because you are an employee of a company where part of your function as data encoder calls your eyes to be exposed quite a time during the day. The glare of your computer had made an enormous risk unless you opted to stop working.

The symptoms of the worsening condition of your eyes continues. One night you sleep soundly, and too long. When you open your eyes, there's nothing you see in your focus. You repeatedly opened your eyes then there was a little light among the darkness. The light seemed blurred, you cannot determine what it was. Fear crept you. You don't understand your feeling at that very hour. You don't know what to do. you shouted and ask help from your family about the loss of your eyesight.

They brought you to the hospital. The verdict of an eye specialist is that you are temporarily blind. Something goes wrong inside that need to be attended with utmost care. Your eye specialist recommended for an eye operation  as the last option. You hesitated to the idea of an eye operation because you knew it needs a lot of money to see your vision restored.

Then you realized what the world of the blind will be. You seen them on the street often. Now that you are one of them, you were in too much despair why you did not care to protect your eyes when you still has the chance to do so. Now that it was too late, it pained you. You became weak and disoriented.

This was the time when you learned how to pray. Before, praying is new to you. Now, you are seeking it to give you peace and courage. You knew this is the only thing you can do for now hoping that your vision still has the opportunity to heal and be restored. You are willing to wait even it it takes an eternity for the healing for as long as there is still hope for your full recovery. It that happens, you are already determine to take care your eyes at all cost.


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