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Updated on December 31, 2012


The winter monster is upon me and I dread having to drag myself through it again. It begins with the sniffling and sneezing of strangers that I pass by in stores or on the street. I try turning away but there are times when I cannot make it fast enough, so you would see me swatting my hands at it as though I am trying to swing at a fly. I think I avoided it this time but who knows give me a few days. Then I go visiting the family, some adults and some children and low and behold I see runny noses and watery eyes and immediately I say, “I love you guys but you gotta stay back, I can’t do another cold.” I want to visit them, truly I do but even though the adults are talking to me, I can’t stay focused because all I can hear are the coughs and sneezes of the little ones. My eyes are watching them move around the room, making sure they are not coming anywhere near me, I wanted to stay but I just couldn’t, I jumped up and give my polite departure speech, I can’t do another winter cold. What I was thinking then was that I was in the clear and so I washed and disinfected my hands, I was home and safe from all germs that are formed by the winter cold. I then picked up my daughter from school but I was so concerned about disinfecting myself that I didn’t notice that she was a bit sniffley. However, to the shock of my ear drums, I was sure I heard her sneeze twice in a row. I could see her now clearly looking up at me from her tiny innocent face that was filled with small amounts of liquid around her eyes. What could I do when her little lips quivered as she spat out the dreaded words, “Mom I feel sick.” “Ahh!” I screamed in my head, but all I could do was bend down and pick up my baby and begin the procedure of making her healthy again. Of course in the process a germ or two latched on to me and then my journey began with the dreaded winter cold. Now I know it might sound like I am just overreacting but if you had to go through all that I have to go through several times throughout the winter months, you would be just as afraid of the dreaded winter cold as I am. It seems innocent enough, a scratchy throat that causes me to clear my throat a few times while I am speaking. Then my eyes begin to water, some random sneezes here and there and then some light coughs, you would think that I shouldn’t complain about that. Well this innocent enough beginning to the dreaded winter cold leads directly into hacking coughs so bad that you would think that I was passing a lung. A mucus filled throat and nose leaves me wondering how it is that I am going to catch my breath. I fly to the doctor who tells me that I just have a cold and that I should ride it out, I would like to give my cold to him and let him ride it out for me. This monster winter cold has been upon me for now more than nine days to which I have not had a good night sleep. My head hurts so bad that it causes my eyes to pulsate and the ringing in my ear drums goes totally silent and so does my hearing. The pain in my stomach from coughing so much is over-shadowed by my throat being so raw that whenever I swallow anything it is as though I am swallowing broken glass. I head back to the doctors a couple days later and demand that he gives me something to make it go away. He finally agrees but by this time I am coughing so bad and so hard that I can’t even control my bladder. “Why”, I said, “why do I have to get to this point before I get something for it and now I have to wait because it takes time for this medication to work?” Every winter, I suffer with this never ending cold with no way of avoiding it, and then it gets transferred between me and my children the entire winter. Now don’t tell me about the flu shot, I made the mistake of getting that one winter and the dreaded winter cold attached itself to me the whole winter, never again I said never again. So yes, I do try to avoid the dreaded winter cold as much as I can, I am not trying to hibernate all winter, I am just tired of being sick.


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    • cocquetteadams profile image

      cocquetteadams 4 years ago from Durham Region

      Lucky you. Thanks for the spring wishes, will do.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Cocquette, I hear you and I sympathize with you. This year, for the first time in 35 years, I'm privileged to spend winter in the Caribbean where I grew up. I'm grateful. Please feed your immune system as best you can and Think Spring! It will help.