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Updated on September 4, 2013

It might be true what they say: “Things happen when they are supposed to happen...not before, not after. It seemed that whenever we feel too anxious for something to happen in our lives, either it ends up delaying or, it just never happens.

Not too long ago, I was expecting a phone call for a job interview, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I just needed that job so bad, I was about to go insane! Two days later, I did receive an -e-mail advising the position had been canceled, no further explanation, just like..that! Life, sometimes, would take your expectations so high you can almost taste your victory, and when you least expect it, it just drops you like a sac of potatoes all the way to the ground. The question to “Are we in control of our lives?” remains a mystery for me.

In order to search for an answer, I have started reading a lot about old religions, and I came across these concepts. Hopefully, they will be useful for you too.

The four rules of Spirituality (as they are practiced in India)

The first rule states that every person that crosses our path in life, or interacts with us in any way, is for a reason. According to these rules of spirituality, we all are born with a mission to accomplish in this life, and we connect to help each other comply with it. In other words, maybe we see a homeless person on the same spot, every morning when we go to work. The homeless person doesn't even know we are looking at him, however to see a person in disgrace, might trigger a positive sense of compassion, and willing to help, which will contribute to the success of our own mission.

The second rule states: Everything in your life will happen, when is supposed to happen, not before, not after. This is because one event leads to the other one, in a specific order, because it is necessary to complete our mission in life. I do give credit to this. About three years ago I was trying to buy a house. Despite all my efforts, and the fact that I had already been approved by the bank, the sale felt through. I had to move to an apartment, and I felt totally frustrated. I couldn't believe my bad luck! Until 2 months later when I got laid-off at my work. If I would have had bought the house, I would have been tied up with a 1,500 dollar mortgage, instead, my rent was now only 700.

The things that happen in your life, are already lined up, but they won't overlap each other, no matter how hard you try.

The third rule states: Whatever is going to happen will happen, regardless what you do. Sometimes, we think that we have control over our own life, and the people we love. However, destiny is written, and we all have to complete our own journey. Love helps, but you will have to fall, and let the others fall to learn.

The fourth rule states: "When something has to end, it just ends". This is the one rule, that I fear. It says that when the end of the journey arrives, we have to accept it with courage, and understanding that, it is necessary for a chapter to close, so a new one can be open, only then we'll be able to complete our mission in this world. Once we achieve this knowledge, then we would have wisdom.

I do believe that these rules make a lot of sense, and although it is kind of hard to just be carried through life believing that, we'll end in the same place anyway, I have also lived in times, when these rules were applied to me, one per one! And just maybe, if we forward these rules to someone else, that person will do so too, and somewhere, somehow, someone will finally understand life, just a little bit better.


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