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Updated on May 30, 2013


Let me come clean immediately. I am 73 years old and until this week I had never heard of ERNST GRAFENBERG.. Now ,however, I learn that he was the man responsible for a virtual Holy Grail in his chosen field and that without knowing him, so many of us will have found ourselves not only aware of what he determined but to positively to seek out the very item he discovered. Or did he ? For recent research has revealed that the GRAFENBERG SPOT does not, or may not, exist at all.

Some may feel that if it is a myth that they have wasted much of their adult lives on a search that was doomed from the outset. Others will point to personal knowledge that they have indeed found it on many occasions. Who is to say who is correct on this fascinating subject and just who was Ernst Grafenberg and what was the spot ?

ERNST GRAFENBERG was born in 1881 and became a Doctor who specialised in the female reproductive system in his native Germany. Perhaps now you have a clue as to not only his work but also to his lasting legacy, including his renowed spot. The big clue is in his surname of course, for where we may not have heard of the Grafenberg Spot, most of us are very familiar with the shortened, more well known version, the G SPOT.

Indeed it was the studious Ernst who is credited with the discovery of the G Spot which, in anatomical terms is revealed as a hyper-sensitive area of nerve endings inside the female vagina. In pursuit of romance and the fullfillment of such encounters even before Ernst published his discovery, and certainly afterwards to this very day, The G Spot has become key to sexual activity between men and women, as women became less passive and demanded more from their chosen lovers.

However, apart from that element Ernst Grafenberg had more to offer to relationships and certainly to women. His studies of the female reproductive system led to the discovery of what became known as the coil, an important break through in female contraception. Thus whilst the gay Lotharios have sort to provide their partners with pleasure via the G Spot, the ladies were provided with a most reliable, if not infallible method of birth control. As such Ernst provided the human race with a win win situation.

Being German and Jewish, Ernst was told to flee during the years of Nazi rule there. He would not do so and was soon arrested. His refusal to flee was based on a false conviction that as many of his patients were Nazi wives themselves he would be protected. Sadly he was proven incorrect in this. He was arrested and held for 3 years in 1937 but his work did come to his rescue when an American birth control campaigner called Margaret Sanger managed to secure his relaease for a fee paid to the authorities.

So this then was Ernst Grafenberg, the discoverer of the G SPOT. However, recent work throws doubt on the very existance of the revered spot itself.


Some 2 years or so ago, long after Ernst had gone and his Spot was well known and searched for avidly, British research threw doubt into the pot. Research, it seems, found that there was no such spot and that it was all in the mind so to speak. In other words it was a figment in the minds of men and women both, that concentrated the energies of both in the pusuit of sexual pleasure.

So that it seemed, was that. No spot but thanks to Ernst, development of birth control for women had been moved forward massively as a result of his work.

Still there is a twist even now to this tale. More recent studies have located what is termed as tissue on the front inside wall of the vagina. This could well be the very source of what we all know as the G Spot. No doubt the work will go on, for sex fascinates the human race and we shall learn more later. For now though, The GRAFENBERG SPOT is once again very much alive. Mind you to thousands like me who only ever knew it as the G Spot it has always been there for the finding and much pleasure has ensued from the searching for it by people of all races, colours and creeds and so it will go on regardless of any reseach findings.


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