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Updated on October 10, 2011


After all the Hubs I have written since July 2010 when I was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma {Cancer to us laymen}, regular readers will be well versed in my support for our National Health Service and also the excellent support work offered to sufferers by charities established for just that purpose. The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Association provided me with great support, on demand, during the whole of my treatment and is still at my side as I continue, with heartfelt thanks, in remission.

Personally, I cannot praise the work they do highly enough for sufferers but that is not all they offer. A major part is to conduct research to delve into the root causes of the disease and seek cures. This type of cancer is doubly insidious for many victims are very young children as well as gnarled old warriors like myself. Thus, I was extremely pleased when my sons and stepson ,quite separately determined to raise funds and awareness for the Charity. My stepson, Ryan, ran and completed The London Marathon, raising excellent funding earlier this year. Now my sons, David and Christopher are engaged in a Marathon that they originated and are fulfilling over 15 days of testing stamina and mental and physical toughness. As both have been noted Cricketers, it seems natural that they are mounting a round Britain bike ride specifically related to that game. More of that in a little while, but here I wish to stress the value of Charities like Leukaemia and Lymphoma Association in both raising awareness of this rotten disease and providing support for those like me who got it and also for the research they fund to hopefully eradicate it in the future. Currently 1 in every 3 people can expect to contract some form of Cancer in their lifetime, so the odds are moving against us and will continue to do so unless and until Medical Research obtains a breakthrough. Thus, by supporting the Charity, we can all truly, be supporting ourselves directly, and that is what our efforts are designed to do. GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES is the motto adopted, for that truly is what supporting the charity and their work is doing. It also happens to be the town motto of Huddersfield, my birthplace!


868 miles in 14 days from Durham in the North to Hampshire, Glamorgan in Wales in the West ,Essex in the East and finishing in South London ! That is the itinerary and you can get full details by googling "BIG CRICKET BIKE RIDE" ,where you will find full details, itinerary and how you can support at JUST GIVING if you feel it a worthy cause.

The route takes in a visit to all the 18 County Cricket Grounds in England, giving it a unique status, whilst covering a huge swathe of the country. As I write, Day 4 has been completed and the dynamic duo and friends find themselves in Leicestershire which is in the East Midlands. Tomorrow is Nothamptonshire before they head off West for the next few days. The biggest problems so far are headwinds, stiff hill climbs and general "saddle soreness but spirits are high and morale good. Both the boys are pretty big lumps and whilst David has been able, having his own Company, to put in dedicated training, Chris, as Manager of Surrey County Cricket Club had a crowded, though successful end of season and relies on guts and determination to get him over the hump. So far all well ,though David came off at 25 mph yesterday and was lucky to escape without real problems.

Along the way, friends, opponents from other cricket counties etc are joining in for a stage or two to register the support the professional cricket game extends to this Charity, especially as Sir Ian Botham, icon of the game is a leading protagonist. Do take in the Big Cricket Bike Ride Pages on google and get a flavour of the way in which younger ,fitter men are supporting those of us who have need as well as the infants and children who fall victim. Donations, of any denomination welcomed at JUST GIVING.

The Oval, home of Surrey, on 21 October after 868 gruelling miles and is celebrated on 22 October with a Charity Dinner and Auction for which already 200 tickets have been snapped up.It seems the World of Cricket is alive to the challenge and well up to support the worthy Charity. If you can, please join in as you may determine best for you.



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