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Updated on December 14, 2009

We preferred soft drinks than water, without thinking about the bad implication it bring to the body. We drink because it is very refreshing.

Every time there were celebration in our home or any important occasion, serving delicious foods with soft drinks became part of our meals. Snacks in pizza parlor and fast foods, the refreshing drinks was always at our side. It seemed we cannot live without it. Festivities is not complete without it.

Most soft drinks contains approximately 180 calories of sugar. It was an empty nutrients. When soft drinks calories are added to the food we eat, the excess of it will be stored as fat. The craving of drinking more soft drinks will mean additional fat was stored.

It was known to many that this sugar calories had lack of fibers beneficial to our health. Blood sugar, once it entered into the bloodstream can boost energy temporarily. If the blood sugar level goes up, insulin enter the bloodstream pulling raised blood sugar down and the level of energy drop to its lowest level. The cycle will continue in craving for more drinks.

The digestion mechanism inside the body delayed as the sugared drinks entered the stomach. Continued drinking will upset the stomach by stressing its lining and prolong digestion.

Another health hazard was that it increased acid secretion producing a rebound effect once it leaves in the stomach. The presence of unnecessary volume of acid in the digestive system was one cause of developing an ulcer especially drinking between meals.

We all knew that a soft drinks contained many properties like preservatives, flavoring, coloring and other chemicals to enhance the taste. This chemicals will remain in our system and need to be removed and excreted out from the body. Its presence will irritate the sensitive living of the stomach.

Why not use water instead? It does not irritate the stomach lining. It is helpful to our body to carry life processes in order to function effectively. Those people with diabetes, beware! It will lead you in stepping a very dangerous ground.

Once your blood sugar elevated, it posed health hazard most common to people with the disease. This was the reason why we should be more extra careful. Drinking soft drinks can do more harm than good.


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