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Updated on January 28, 2010

It can be found in lakes, rivers and seas with estimated 27,000 species in the world. It was sold as flakes, granules, sheets, capsules or tablets, fertilizers and powders. It was being sorted out according to its pigment and color. It has green chlorophyll or a green algae. There are other seaweeds having a pigment of fucoxanthin. In red algae it has phycoerythrin or blue algae, phycocyanin.

Seaweeds do not reproduce by seeds but by spores. Its body were divided by undifferentiated stem or leaf. They are aquatic and marine plants. The health benefits of seaweeds already known for a long time. We are using seaweeds as part of our food requirement. Seaweeds are algae in different colors. It is rich in iodine, iron and high protein. A good source of vitamin C, A, potassium, riboflavin and magnesium. It is a low-fat food. It has beta-carotene properties. It is now manufactured for skin care and cosmetic products.

Carrageen is used in food products because of its emulsifying and gelling properties. It is used to thin foods producing a colorless jelly-like consistency as commercial desserts.

Used for cold and cough remedy. Rich in retinols and minerals. It is used in toothpaste.  Rich in iodine for the control of goiter and thyroid condition. It has an anti-obesity properties and high in essential fatty acid (EPA).

Kelp can supply our mineral deficiency. It is good to correct poor digestion.  Iodine is used in rebuilding the proper function of all glands. It was found to be good for brain function and its development. It can correct deficiencies in diet as a protective food. It prevents osteoporosis. It is beneficial to those suffering from impotency and anemia. It detoxify the body, increases metabolism and control obesity by dissolving fatty waste through the skin. It maintains hormone balance for a more youthful and healthful body.

They are used to make the food tasty. Have a good nutritional and health properties that help to lose weight. They have high protein content with good amino acid. They have fibers. Green seaweeds has more calcium. Iodine is very good for thyroid glands to produce more hormones called thyroxine to stimulate the nervous system. It slow down the oxidation of the cells and control metabolism by helping the body to transform protein fats and carbohydrates into energy.

Common iodine deficiency are goiter, weight gain, hair loss, insomnia and restlessness. With high concentration of B-12 and B6 including omega 3. Has the ability to bind heavy metals, radiation and chemicals in the body. Good for cancer treatment.

Beneficial nutrients in seaweeds include organic vitamins or photosynthetic, trace minerals, lipids, plants sterols, amino acids, omega-3 and omega-6, anti-oxidant, growth hormones, polyphenols, flavonoid. Seaweeds contains Fucoidan, Laminarin and Alginate compounds.

Seaweeds help people eat a balanced diet which is organic and vegetation in form. It gives nutrients and trace elements that cannot be found in other foods. It becomes a detoxifier and healing agent as it can protect many kind of cancers.

It was used as fertilizers and fooder of animals. Use in medicines for drug manufacture. Other properties are anti-coagulants, antibiotics, antihelmenthes, antihypertensive, blood cholesterol, dilatory agents and insecticides.


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