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Updated on December 15, 2009

A man was walking on the street unmindful of his surrounding, his only intention is to reach to his destination. Then suddenly he realized that he has not yet taken his lunch, thinking that on his way home he will visit one of the finest kitchenette he had seen before. Then suddenly without warning he was in terrible pain.

He knew it was not the first time he felt this burning sensation in his stomach. But this was the only time that he was writhing in pain as if her stomach had been fired upon with a sharp needles penetrating the inner core of his digestive tract. He felt the sweat running in his face, exerting effort to control the pain. His vision started to dim as if he is going to faint. It lasted a few minutes when the pain suddenly gone. He felt relax but confused.

Heartburn was common to us. There are several factors why we sometimes feel this pain in our stomach. It is a fact that when the lower esophageal valve open up even if it is not yet time, the stomach acid including the food digested will move back in the esophagus. When the lining of the esophagus is strain and unable to hold up the presence of the stomach acid then burning sensation begin.

Although heartburn is curable, there were other factors that can aggravate too much production of acid that we have to watch at all times. Acid has relation to the food we eat. Most of the time, we eat food more than the stomach to hold. This undigested food will start producing acid because the stomach cannot digest all the food at the same time. then production of gas occurred. With the defective esophageal valve, pain can be felt immediately. It is important to limit the food intake in smaller serving easy for the stomach to process.

There were many remedial measures to minimize this discomfort:

-Be choosy about the food you eat. Intake of acidic food worsens the unstable esophageal valve. There are even fruits that are very acidic. If you have ulcers don't eat this kind of fruits, it can only irritate the lining of your intestines. This is to avoid production of gas.

-Limit sugar intake. It can cause calcium to be wasted inside the body especially thus drinks laden with sugar before, during or after your meals.

-Using digestive enzymes to help digest the food is one way to remedy the late digesting of food.

If possible, don't drink cold water after your meals. It slowed down the digesting process. Lukewarm water will do but with moderation.

-Eating fruits after meals should be avoided. The first food to be digested are those food you took during your meals. The fruits will be digested many hours later until it decayed and become an acid.

Stomach acid is helpful during digestion. But too much presence in the stomach can also bring discomfort like belching, stomach pain and burning sensation. With the pressure exerted to your esophageal valve, the problem will worsen.

It is best if we have to change our lifestyle. It maybe hard sometimes but avoiding it can bring you more benefits and to your great advantage. This processes in our stomach will depend on how we handle and protect our digestive system. If we insist, then we will pay the price and even cost our very dear lives.

Whatever your decision... take what is best and leave the rest.


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