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Updated on May 13, 2010

There was a saying that a smile can soften the hardest rock. There were many wonderful benefits for a smile to become part of us. Smile gives us a positive image of what we are as a whole. What benefits the smile can bring us?

It started to effect when the body releases endorphins. This neurotransmitter is a chemical in the brain whose main function is to allow an act of smiling. When a person feel happy this chemicals do its work.

A smile interprets your behavior, the physical appearance, the unique ability to win the trust of anybody. It seemed to be sort of an aura to draw people inward. They look forward being around with you.

If you are happy, there is a burst of energy to be lively and approachable. They feel more comfortable and relax in your company. It gives an easy feeling to talk to you without hesitation because it drives their interest to be at your side.

It enhances your internal state of personality, giving a psychological impact to the nature of your physical and mental health. It increases your positive outlook and see the world ahead with openness and understanding. Being approachable, you will win many friends. It is a a sign of acceptance and friendliness.

It has the power to cheer up those in the midst of sadness and sorrows. When someone is not expecting you to share with a smile, their reaction becomes visible and have full of surprise. They sometimes blushed and smiled back to you feeling the warmth as if something touches their heart. A genuine smile pleases them.

One way to put people feel at ease is when you look funny and humorous especially telling funny stories, the more they will be interested to hear it. It is a fact that when you are always happy you can easily manage to face the many stresses in life because you know how to handle them. Smile can function your body better. It improves your health and a way to live longer. Stresses, depression, problems can shorten your life instead of your full enjoyment.

By smiling, you can change the mood and improves your life better. Smile can do many tricks by suppressing the presence of scowls, frown and grievances as a sign of dissatisfaction. A smile begets a smile when people are drawn to your genuine and sweet appreciation. It changes their mood. There will be an atmosphere of peace, acceptance and friendliness in your presence.

To smile is a very contagious habit. If this becomes your nature, you easily smile to people, it can never be taken from your so easily. This is an attitude that firmly attached to your own personality. You can smile even if you have no intention to do so. Even if you are looking tired in your daily activities, in the office or at home, even if you become worn-out at the end of the day, there still energy left in you.

Looking positive helps the immune system to act properly of their function. Their role in our body will improve. It can lower the blood pressure. A funny face makes you look younger. It build confidence to others. They will positively react immediately in your favor. It becomes a controller of negative feeling inside you and to others. They can change their perception about you and accept that they are wrong. Smile is the greatest motivator for good behavior.

Smile is very valuable. Maintaining it for the rest of our lives will lead us to understand the beauty being alive when the mind and body is at peace with each other. Smile with purpose. People around will like you and always seeking for a chance to be in your side. It is easy to have friends if you know the rule.

It can improve your relationship with other people. It will be your message to them that you are very receptive person that they are looking. It motivates them and inspire them that someone in your nature gives importance and values in your friendship.

Smiling is a small and simple act but it has the power to rule and to change. It has the ability to alter the mood. It has a massive impact of building confidence. It has the ability and a way to connect to others easily. It boost their morale as well as yours. It enhances a some kind of pleasure displaying a more positive emotion as reaction to the feeling of happiness you felt.

The next time you meet me, smiles at your heart's content. Smile and the world smile at you including me.


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    • profile image

      Satish Verma 5 years ago

      Wow nice

    • jite profile image

      jite 7 years ago from delhi

      right Cresastre,I agree with you,thats y I always smiling