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Updated on April 22, 2013



Do You feel over whelmed and like too much information is coming at you? I have a headache, what should I do? So you look on the internet to find an answer and over 67 pages come up with remedies for a headache. I have arthritis what should I do? Again over 70 pages of remedies for arthritis are found.

So what does a person do? Which one do you choose? In this day and age we are bombarded with too much information. You as the consumer of information must do your own research and choose what you believe to be the best information. Whether it is right or not will be time spent on finding the information and trying it.

Sometimes I think granny had the best information and it was passed down from generation to generation. Today everyone is too busy to ask granny. So they take the trek through cyber space to find answers.

Trial and error seems to be the answer for us. I will say that the natural way of doing things seems to be the best from what I have studied and the research I’ve done through interviewing people on what has helped them.

Find yourself a good Herbalist and Natural Alchemist. Here are a few of granny’s remedies I got from questioning.

Try Rose geranium for balancing the hormonal system, specifically the adrenal cortex or ‘stress’ hormone. It will help with anxiety and depression. The antiseptic properties help with the treatment of small wounds. Pregnant women should avoid this remedy because of the effects on the hormonal system.

Did you know Witch Hazel is rich in tannins which give it a highly astringent effect and it narrows capillaries to stop bleeding and reduce inflammation? You can also use it as an anti wrinkle skin treatment.

For dandruff relief try this: Massage the hair with heated coconut oil or olive oil. Then apply lemon juice. After half-an-hour, wash with a baby shampoo. Repeat this twice a week till the dandruff gets completely reduced.

To reduce heartburn try these remedies:

Granny Smith Apples

Chew Parsley leaves

Mint juice

Peppermint tea

If banana is giving you heartburn or indigestion eating it try putting it on your skin for 10 minutes then rinse off for nice smooth, soft skin.

Coughs and colds:

Cabbage will help to control coughs

Guava with pepper added to it will aid in getting rid of phlegm

Look up Fenugreek for a plethora of remedies.

Enough information for now and now you will have to take some Feverfew to get rid of the headache that all this information gave you.

Finding grannies may be my next project. Interviewing them and picking their brains for answers. I feel a book coming on stay tuned and hopefully I can come up with some good ideas from granny.

By Terry Board

Copyright © 2013


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