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Updated on July 21, 2014

Before we jump right in, let's look at 'what was' and 'what is'.

Today technology and science play a crucial role in the identification and curing of diseases. A person may easily receive a positive answer from intellectuals and the young people. Many of these people think the conventional healing practices are mistaken notions as well as old fashioned. People need to come out of the rural areas in order to see doctors. For most elderly members of society, health entails some religious implications.

Similar to natural disasters maladies are also viewed as a punishment from the gods, and, therefore, believe that they can only be cured through holy springs or maillots. Any sick woman or man would rather pay visit to the holy springs rather than go to the hospital.

Reiki gains preference over Conventional Medicine

An emergent theory suggests that medicine can have hazardous implications on an individual's health. This is expected to come out as good news to persons that can afford to purchase costly medicine. Conversely, it is a disadvantage to the medical industry. It is a further disadvantage to the people's confidence in scientific progress. This theory suggests that healing is found within our fingertips. All of us can stay healthy through performing Reiki on a daily basis.

But enough with the generalizing. You want facts. Here they are.

Where Reiki beats Medicine

Advocates of medical treatment believe that medicine is supposed to be trusted because it is scientifically proven and effective. They believe that spiritual methods, for example, Tai Chi, Reiki and Yoga are not necessary. These are believed to be a waste of time; something considered to quite valuable in our materialistic world. There are pills like pain killers, x-rays which show broken bones or MRI which scan for tumors in the brain. The effectiveness of these methods cannot be denied in the examples presented. Nevertheless, there are some “day to day complaints” like pains in the back, insomnia, headaches that are medically treated.

X-rays are very harmful to human beings; for instance, multiple x-rays have been associated with multiple myeloma. Also, thyroid cancer can be gotten through ten shots of x-rays at the dentists. One takes drugs without taking in to account the side effects, for instance taking an Aspirin in case of a headache, Vermidon if you suffering from insomnia. One may become addicted due to a long period consumption of these pills; sleeping becomes a problem if not taken. Huge amounts of money are spent and instead of getting better we only end up with addictions to them.

How about a less harmful and more cost-effective method of curing?

Benefits of Reiki

When Reiki is conducted on oneself, nothing more is required except for ones energy, therefore, it is very cost effective. Looking at its history, its discovery was in the early 1900s; its recognition has spread especially throughout Western Europe and America. Energy is acknowledged as the essential substance that the universe is composed of in quantum physics. Reiki relies on the energy found in our bodies. It is a non complicated and effectual method of energy flow restoration. This has a scientific explanation and has no side effects.

Opponents of other healing methodologies claim that serious maladies such as cancer and HIV/AIDS cannot be cured devoid of drugs. They believe that these persons take most of their time in the hospitals attending medical prescriptions. Reiki is capable of making these persons regain their health again.

It is unfortunate that these persons have to spend their lives in the health centers. Losing hair as a result of chemotherapy and losing their weight due to the side effects of the medicines they are consuming. Probably this is a common knowledge except when the individuals with cancer are diagnosed during the early stages of cancer. Let's be honest-most drugs have been unable to do away with cancer; HIV/AIDS is still incurable.

Reiki-Both a Prevention and a Cure

Many of the drugs utilized by these patients are meant to reduce pain and suffering due to the medical treatment they go through. In the place of expensive drugs, which have numerous side effects, one can utilize own energy to fight the hardships in life, abandon the stresses in daily life, establish emotional balance and prevent day to day worries.

Many of the chronic conditions for instance migraine or eczema are known to arise from stress, as well as poor diet. Deep-rooted anger plus other firm emotions contribute to viral infections. Controlling thoughts and balancing of emotions are crucial for well-being.

We should, therefore, commence learning Reiki and prevent illnesses before they reach the full blown stage.

All Reiki needs is 15 minutes of your time

Some individuals may still argue that, in the current world, each occurrence depends on the time. The lack of time is blamed for the stress and the afore-mentioned illnesses. What is the probability of doing Reiki to the people surrounding us and to ourselves when we are unable to set time to attend the theater?

This is a crucial thing about Reiki; it does not call for more than fifteen minutes of the daily time. A person does not have to change clothing or unique equipment. This is a simple healing art as well as an effective practice of stress relief and relaxation. Most significant of all, it consumes lesser time when compared to medicine considering all the times spent in taking drugs due to complaints and consuming some more drugs due to side effects.


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