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Trending Fitlife: 2018 Top Fitness Trends

Updated on January 29, 2018


2018 is finally here, and while there isn’t much to document about it yet, one thing is for sure, fitness life has been trending! Whether it has anything to do with social media, or the continually evolving gyms or even the increase in fitness trainers, fitness is indeed a massive 2018 trend. Notwithstanding the reasons as to why it is so, the more individuals work out, the better our chances of successfully gliding through an era only best described as one of the chronic ailments. Fitness trends influence how we work out, and if you want to be part of the #fitlife movement this year, there are several ways you can be part of it. Below are the top 5 trends this year.


In a recent survey, high-intensity interval training is the number one fitness trend of 2018. If you are looking to start out your year in style, then ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), advises that you invest your time in High-intensity interval training. For a routine that topped the list four years back (2014), significant awareness, the availability of popular fitness instructors like Tanya Poppett and classes has stirred it again as the trend to beat. HIIT sessions involve intense burst ups of optimal effort and hard work with an exclusive low-intensity recovery period following soon after. The primary objective is to recover adequately and allow you to go hard on the next interval. For beginners, you are advised to start with prolonged rest intervals or go for challenging intervals but not at the optimal effort. Its greatest appeal is perhaps the efficiency. Most workouts only take about 30 minutes but with massive effects. Afterwards, is the recovery period (after burn) where your body metabolism surges for about 36 hours as your calories burn while you rest. For you that are just starting out, inform your trainer about any pre-existing health conditions, recent injuries and your overall fitness background. Running and jumping are typically what the exercises entail-all designed to exert weight on the joints.

#2 Group Training

Group Training Next in line is a routine that did not make its debut in the top 20 fitness trends list until just but a year ago. Its popularity stems from the fact that it features several individuals (over four participants) which makes it a little less intimidating for any amateurs. Additionally, there is added motivation when training with a group-which somehow explains the popularity of boot camps and CrossFit. Group training refers to a distinct workout involving five plus participants under the leadership of an instructor. It is purposed to be practical and motivational for individuals of varied fitness levels. It can range from cardio classes to the HIIT classes above among others. It has various benefits including: • Helping you stay committed to your workout • Excellent way to either spruce your routine or try out something new

#3 Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers (Wearable Technology/fitness Smartwatches) In recent times, Smartwatches, heart rate monitors, and activity trackers have gained immense popularity-especially if you are tracking your workouts in numbers. Devices such as the Series 3 Apple Watch, Gear Sports Samsung watch, and Ionic Fitbit Smartwatch can quantify and inform you of your progress. They are designed to monitor several functions including heart rate, duration, caloric burning, distance and even speed.

#4 Body weight Training

Body weight training is any exercise that actively involves your overall body weight. It includes lunges, squats, mountain climbers and burpees among others. According to ACSM, despite its established presence in the fitness niche, recent events have subsequently re-popularized it. It is perfectly convenient since it mandates for no equipment while requiring little space-hence the popularity. As such, these exercises can be performed anywhere at any time. What’s more, they suit all fitness levels and are easily modifiable.

#5 Strength Training

Also on the list is strength training. This is because it is a long-standing routine that never seems to fade away. Its appeal is because of its significance to virtually all fitness routines. Aside from preventing age-related muscle mass decline, strength training maintains your heart and bones in a healthy state and also helps prevent injury and pain on a routine basis.


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