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Tahitian Noni Juice Review

Updated on September 3, 2009


After discussing the potential health benefits of Noni, in this article I am going to present a short but hopefully informative Tahitian Noni juice review. It is the Tahitian Noni which actually made a huge breakthrough on the markets and managed to promote this health booster and nutrition rich elixir, so that it stood out amongst the multitude of related products in the wellness industry.

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The influence of the volcanic soil on Noni

Tahitian noni juice is obtained from the fruits of the Morinda Citrifoli tree. This tree is plentiful on the islands of French polynesia including, of course, the island of Tahiti. The vulcanic soil found on these islands is rich with nutrients and very much fertile, making a perfect environment for flourishing the Morinda citrifolia tree. Eruptive stones and minerals are known to represent some of the best environments on Earth when it comes to agricultural activities due to the huge variety of chemically already separated elements ready to be embeded into the growing plants' structure.

The Noni juice producers from Tahiti claim that their product is of much better quality as compared to the juice extracted from plants from the other areas of the world. Their argumentation is probably justified given that many of the smaller island in this area are completely untouched by human hand, and without any pollution. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that some Noni juice producers own hundreds of smaller island in French Polynesia, where they meticulously grow and harvest Noni plants.

The process of production of Noni juice

Another point that speaks in favor of Tahitian noni is the process of production. After the ripe fruits have been collected, they are processed in such a way as to obtain Noni pulp, containing the soft part of the fruit. The actual Noni juice is then extracted from the pulp, during which process some extra blueberry and grapes fruit juice concentrate is added to improve the taste. The exact amount of added pure 100% Noni is kept around 90 percent from the total and the rest of around 10 percent is the blueberry and grapes juice. Compared to the Noni juice that can be bought from manufacturers from the other parts of the world, this percentage is quite high.

While not allowed to make any health claims in the USA, the Tahitian Noni producers got a recognition from the regulatory bodies of the European Union where thir product is included on the list of novel food ingredients, making it the first Noni related product allowed to be sold within Europe.

Noni research

What is probably even more important about the Noni juice from Tahiti is the fact that with it we can associate the longest tradition of funding Noni related scientific research conducted in a number of research centers. It is only fair to say that the biochemical research of the active ingredients of Noni originated back in the 70's at the University of Hawaii with the pioneering investigations of Dr. Heinicke, but recently the focus has been shifted toward the Tahitian founded research.

Concluding remarks about Tahitian Noni juice

Without any intentions to discredit the Noni juice produced elsewhere, my impression is that if you are having doubts about what to choose, especially at the beginning, the Noni juice from Tahiti offers a well balanced product, with excellent taste and smell, packed in a glass bottle and developed under the strictest standards of production. When, some years ago, I contemplated what would be the right Noni product to use, I was instinctively drawn and opted in for the Tahitian Noni. After some testing I knew this was the right decision. If you have got so far reading my thoughts on this subject, I hope this Tahitian Noni juice review provided some useful information to be able to make the right choice for you.


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